Can’t See The Forest? Too Busy Complaining About The Trees

"Loco" Illustration by Carl Wiens

CornealiaOur little Cornealia had a grumpy morning.

Wait, what exactly does that title mean? Well, here are my observations, dear readers, about your activities and why they are hurting your business.

Have you ever belonged to one of these professional groups or ‘forums’ ?  You know the ones, where they boast having X number of members, but in actuality only a few dozen are brave enough to post anything? And then, it’s almost invariably a complaint, a bitch session, or some other negative part of the normal ECP work day.  If I were a complete outsider looking at these groups (which are closed, thank goodness), I’d wonder why any of you are in the ECP business, or why you stay.  And God Almighty help you (or Mr. Del Vecchio, I’ve heard a rumor Luxottica is buying Heaven) if you post something that the ‘vocal viragos’ don’t approve of.

The only time I see positive posts is when someone is patting themselves on the back for a great sale, or asking for billing and coding help-and really, aren’t there more professional, legitimate places to get that type of help, from companies that actually specialize in billing and coding?  Or posting that you need help with this idea or how to deal with a particular situation, and asking for advice.

"Loco" Illustration by Carl Wiens
“Loco” Illustration by Carl Wiens

Where are the positive stories?  Where is the anecdote about  what a GREAT patient you have, or how amazing your staff is?  It seems that these Facebook groups have turned into the modern equivalent of the evening news…horror story after horror story, with Budgie the surfing bird as a cute end of the broadcast piece.

Here’s a suggestion.  Stop whining.  Start acting more positively, and you will find your outlook and your days are more positive.  You complain about contact lenses, you whine about Warby Parker, you lament about the Luxottica takeover of the planet.  When’s the last time you did something positive for your staff?  Many of them are on the same groups’ pages as you are, shouldn’t you be leading by example?  Don’t you think your attitude bleeds over into their daily interactions with your customers?

Nah. Didn’t think about that, did you?

My point?  Stop whining.  Yes, I get that there are days you just can’t believe happen to you at the office.  But I would think there are many more days where things go well, and YOU are a reflection of your business.  If I worked for an ECP who I constantly saw bemoaning customers’ issues, I’d start to do the same thing, or at least wonder why this person continued in such a miserable occupation.

Grow up. Put your big girl panties on, and start looking for positive things YOU can do for your business, rather than focusing on all the negatives, and maybe, just maybe, you might eventually SEE the forest that is your livelihood.


Claire Goldsmith MidPage


  1. Funny – this blog sounds like the author is doing exactly what she is complaining about – “a complaint, a bitch session, or some other negative part of the normal ECP work day”… also interesting this poster is allowed to post anonymously and criticize everyone out there while no one can directly criticize her back. Sounds kinda spineless if you ask me. Recently, “Cornealia”, who was doing EXACTLY what she was criticizing everyone else about, namely lurking our group for at least over a year, came out of the woodwork to slam our group, calling it many names and totally omitting the fact that we have the tightest guidelines against hate/hurt and partisan politics of any forum out there. She has no idea of the time and effort I put into it to keep things light, an variably impossible task given 13,000 members. Generally it works, but there are always a few sour apples that spoil the vision I had for a “kinder, gentler” site. I think part of the problem are the lurkers who show up out of the blue trying to stir things up, like Cornealia here – posting under a pseudonym, not taking any accountability for her actions, wrongfully criticizing people like me who are trying to do good for an industry and have no idea what a poorly run forum is like. I suggest she “grow some” and start posting under her real name, and post her feelings in optiboard and other groups she has access to and start a real conversation and not hide behind her internet alter ego. Just my .02…

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