Can YouTube Help You?


Can Google and YouTube Help Retailers Download Profits?

Eye Boggling Stats
  • 92 Million People Watch an average of 54.8 videos a year
  • 75% of all Americans view at least 1 online video each month
  • Average Viewer spend almost 6 hours per month watching videos.
Google released its latest strategy for turning a profit with its video mega monolith, YouTube. It’s a strategy that’s not only potentially explosive for the revenue-starved YouTube, it could be equally as explosive for revenue-starved retailers.”
Is this a good thing? I went on YouTube to find out how many optical Videos were on. Without too much of a search- Let me list a few videos- I only plugged in optical, optometrist and sunglasses- Got so many hits just thought I would list a few:
How to Choose Men’s Eyeglasses : Matching Face Shape with Men’s Eyeglasses
How to Get Rid of Your EyeGlasses
Eyeglass Movie
How to Pick Women’s Eyeglasses : How to Determine Proper Eyeglass Frame Fit (2,091 views)
How to Choose Men’s Eyeglasses : Polycarbonate Lenses: Men’s Eyeglasses
bike eye glasses mirror (1270 Views)
How to Pick Women’s Eyeglasses : BCBG Max Azria: Popular Women’s Eyeglasses (1350 Views)
eye glasses (8,241 Views)
Hoya Eyeglasses (part 1, 642 Views) in Japanese)
Contacts Eyeglasses and Sunglasses EyeOptique Roswell GA (33 Views)
High Def Eye Glasses Provide Crisper Vision (2,713 Views)
Sarah Palin Eyeglasses- blog as well- Mobile Opticans (Views 18)
Amazing Twisting Eyeglasses frames (From Frames Direct) (Views 1270)
How to Buy Cheap Eyeglasses online (Views 577)
Leonard Optican ( (views 1200)
Thai Optician Advert (views 2202) this is funny
Funny Optician Commercial (Views 1529)
Long Point Eye Center (views 20)
Bakersfield Eye (Views 926)
Invision Optometry (Views 7,348)
Why Southtown Optometrists (Views 17)
Sunglasses in Los Angeles, Ca – 90049 – Goodeye (view 586)
A Health Byte: Astigmatism (Views 997)
Optiker (you’ve all seen this German ad-24,129 views) crude but funny
Optometry Idiot- (Views 6,838)
Some Top Hits  Total Sunglass Videos- 19,600
Guy Catches Glasses with Faces– (Views, 3,932,564)
DJ Size ft. J.Lourenzo & Big Steve “Sunglasses” (Views- 1,239,466
Corey Hart, Sunglasses At Night (views 1,765,605)
Secretly Record Anyone – Spy Sunglasses (Views- 450,938)
It’s interesting to see the amount of ‘hits’ listed per video- The important thing to remember is they are getting hits. Many of the above sites have a continuing Video Story as well. Interesting concept to advertise your products, knowledge and services by the means of free videos can only benefit you and your office.
Who’s getting the hits? According to web analytics site Compete DataHub, YouTubers are looking for entertainment, laughs, diversion, and sex, not necessarily in that order. If you look at the above videos- the highest hits are entertaining and funny.
Can you make a video? I know a few 10 year olds who have produced videos. The best part, if you look at top videos, they are simple and homemade, no need for fancy agencies. Check out  “Daft Hands,” (27,037, 393 Views)  Diet Coke-Mentos experiment (View 9,862,998) to see what I’m talking about.

The conclusion- The future is online- video selling will be become increasing more important to reach your patients and future customers. If you don’t want to do it, hire a aspiring kid to make a video for not only your website but as a means of connecting through like programs such as YouTube.

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