Camel Vision Trivia For World Camel Day


World Camel Day is June 22 and it is a day that is celebrated by scientists and activists the world over. During this time of Climate Change, the Camel is one of the most adaptive animals in the world. It can go days without food and water. Camels have been used for over 4000 years in Asia, Australia, United States and Africa. In the United States the Camel Corps (1836) was a program by the United States to use Camels in the Southwest.

Eye Bogglers

  • Camels have excellent vision
  • Camels have three Eyelids
  • 2 Eyelids have eye lashes that protect their eyes from sand.
  • 1 Eye lids acts as a windshield wiper to clean their eyes. It opens and closes from left to right just like a wiper. The eyelid is very thin, so they can see during sandstorms.

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