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Buying is the fifth stage in the buying process.  I find it ironic that it isn’t further up in the process, but it makes sense why it isn’t.  The over all buying process is a process of trust.  You build it with each step and it takes time.  Our company name is 6 Calls, and we often have to remind ourselves that we need to allow our prospects and customers the opportunity to develop a relationship with us and for us to earn their trust.

People buy with emotion and justify with logic.  Trust and emotion are interlinked and cannot be separated.  If someone feels emotionally distant or disengaged, chances are they will not trust you or your company.  The buyer certainly will not put their reputation on the line nor risk their status in their company for you unless they feel strongly about “buying” you.

The buying phase is also the phase where you have a chance to breathe a bit.  Each of you have got to the point where you trust each other enough to have a stake in the game and will work with each other towards success for both parties.  This is where you as the supplier will earn, build and solidify your reputation.  Each day will be a day of new discoveries about each other and a deeper understanding of how to work with each other will emerge.  You will also screw up.

Tom Peters, a business guru and author, once wrote that every company needs to screw up bad every once in a while.  It’s not because he is a business sadist, but because strong and good businesses show their true colors when in recovery mode.  Or, as Phil Mickelson says of the game of golf “I don’t get paid for the shots I put in the fairway.  I get paid for my recovery shots.”   The buying phase allows all of us to earn our way to new business.  We earn it by doing the right things first and always, then doing the right things when we screw up.  It is how our reputations are earned, trust is gained and we get the privilege to be brought to a new phase by our customer; repeat.

Guest Post by: Mike Karlsrud is an optical professional who “makes brands come alive” for optical practices nationwide.  He is owner of and

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