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Guest Post  by Mary Crisafulli of ClearVision Optical: Building Employee Engagement Through Wellness

Wellness: This simple word incorporates many facets that affect our whole being: how we work, how we play, how we live. As leaders we need to begin to acknowledge the importance of keeping our employees holistically healthy – physically, mentally, and financially. Incorporating wellness initiatives into the workplace not only leads to better performance among employees, it improves the bottom line.

While some companies offer “Wellness Weeks” or sporadic days of wellness initiatives, why not provide opportunities to engage in wellness all year long? Wellness stems from the realization that when employees are working with their most energized self, they perform better. In general, wellness programs result in:

  • A caring atmosphere for employees
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Greater productivity
  • Lower medical benefit costs
  • Improved morale and better employee retention
Pajama Day at ClearVision - Happy, Healthy Employees

Making the commitment to ensure employees have quality care and available wellness resources, and presenting them in a fun and caring manner, aligns with a culture of making each day better for someone else. While many initiatives focus on the mental and physical aspects of wellness, it’s important to also realize the value of providing financial wellness resources. To help employees face today’s harsh economic challenges, we should be educating them on ways to save and financially care for their families, which can ultimately help reduce stress.

Wellness programs should be internally promoted well in advance so employees can plan their participation. Programs can be coordinated in-house or with external sources to provide relevant workshops and seminars based on what is important to our employees.

There are so many contributing factors that affect our daily wellness, and for those who spend the better part of their waking hours at work, it’s important to make this time as stress-free as possible. When employees are less stressed, they have a better physical and mental well being. The fact that such programs are so well-received is a testament that Wellness can work wonders to engage employees and help them face each day in a better frame of mind.

This article was originally published in the OWA‘s One Minute Mentor 5-05-2011

Mary Crisafulli is Human Resources Manager for ClearVision Optical. You can reach her at

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