Breaking News – VSP Updates to Contact Lens Care Program


We have some breaking news for VSP member doctors regarding updates to the Contact Lens Care Program, effective July 1, 2009.


What’s Changing?

  1. VSP is increasing the not-to-exceed pricing for new and refit patients by $20. The new pricing will range from $160-$190 for new and refit patients.
  2. Package pricing covers initial contact lens exam (fitting and evaluation). Only the initial contact lens exam is included in the package pricing.
  3. Additional follow-up care can be billed to patients. You can charge patients 85% of your U&C fees for additional necessary services such as problem solving, follow-up care, instruction, and training based on the doctor’s professional determination.
  4. Member communications materials will reflect these changes. This will help set the correct expectation for patients seeking to access the program and practices will have access to these tools.

This is all the information that we have at this time regarding VSP updates to the Contact Lens Care Program. Please talk to your VSP representative for further details.

Claire Goldsmith MidPage


  1. VSP did not increase reimbursement of their contact lens program for altruistic reasons. The initial plan would have cut doctor revenue substantially. I am certain that VSP received numerous complaints about the initial planned decrease in what could be charged to patients. For many years, optometrists have been advised to charge appropriately for their services and price separately for products. With the new plan that VSP will implement on July 1st, optometrists will experience an erosion in that concept to the point that fee for services associated with contact lenses will be almost entirely eradicated. Thankfully, VSP altered course, and now optometrists will be able to charge for services for which they are entitled.

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