Breaking News-Denise Solay Designs as Sponsor


Eyewear Jewelry-Great Concept-Beautiful Designs-Potential Profits 

Denise Solay Designs signs as a sponsor! When Denise contacted us about sponsorship, we spent about 45 minutes drooling over her eyewear jewelry! It is gorgeous and fabulous! 

Denise Solay has been a dancer, actress and travel photographer- giving her a great background in finding unique materials, vintage jewels and artistic pieces to incorporate into her designs. She has been featured in major fashion magazines as well. She uses stones and jewels such as agates, amber, amazonite, amethyst, aquamarine and more… making incredible pieces of jewelry for the eyes and eyewear. When you go on her site check out the Stone Lore-very interesting reading- If these Stones could talk….

The best part- Denise’s ‘neck-glasses’ are not meant to be just eyeglass holders, you can make them into a necklace, a bracelet, a belt, wrap it around your summer hat for a quick dressy affair, do a ‘Lady Di’ headband/tiara look, – wrap around your anklet for a total arty look! The possibilities are endless. 

My favorite piece is the Monkey on the Back- made with Togo Beads and Sterling Silver


And best of all- she does custom work- Have that patient walk in the door and need an evening accessory to go with her 3 KT diamond ring, call Denise- Need matching ‘neck-glass’ to go with emerald bracelet- call Denise- or even that patient that has to wear one of those ugly badge holders and wants something to accessorize with their clothing- Call Denise!

And don’t forget the men- she’s got some trendy man-eyeglass holder too. 

This is what we think- Jewelry is a recession proof market- and offering eyeglass accessories can be an important part of your optical profitability. Offering beautiful neck-glasses, can not only differentiate you from the competition, provide an important fashion accessory and put profits in your office. Plus- these works of art can be a great gift item! We have Mothers Day coming up and of course the usual birthdays- how convenient for your patients to be able to make a purchase at your office, rather than search the Internet (horrors!) or have to make another stop- when they can buy from you!  




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