Blink Around The World Campaign Is Everyday


July  was Dry Eye Awareness month and a new Social Global Campaign was launched called Blink Around the World. Eye health professionals around the world joined  the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society (TFOS), to generate dry eye awareness with a new song and corresponding online campaign.

According to TFOS Member and advisor Dr. Debra A. Schaumberg, Associate Director for Clinical & Epidemiologic Research at the University of Utah: “Dry eye disease is a global problem and treatment is an unmet need. Dry eye causes both discomfort and vision problems, particularly with contact lens wearers, computer users and people as they age. Women are the largest demographic of dry eye sufferers.” Approximately twenty to forty million people live with dry eye in the United States with Europe close behind and Asia nearly double in prevalence.

To help reinforce the message, TFOS has also launched a new song to promote global eye-health. “Blink Around the World is a fun and catchy way to remind people to blink their eyes, which both exercises and protects this preciously vital organ,” says Amy Gallant Sullivan, Executive Director of TFOS. “The simple act of blinking reduces dry eye symptoms by flushing fresh tears over the eye, re-moisturizing and keeping foreign matter and irritants out.”  Unfortunately, dry eye causes us to blink less and blinking is a self-help treatment, so we all need to blink more.


Kala Mid Page