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Google became a both a noun and verb quite a few years ago.  Google casts a huge shadow in the online world, from their rapidly growing Android mobile operating system to their super fast browser, from mapping the earth to mapping your hard drive. Then of course there is their main business, being the foremost search engine on the internet. Google’s dominance in search has waned a bit over the last year. Now, before you predict any sort of demise for Google, realize that it still commands well over 60% of all searches.

Bing, Microsoft’s branded search engine launched in 2009, now has a 30% share of the search market, when you combine both the searches on Bing and those Bing provides for the Yahoo network. Businesses no longer have the luxury of only caring about Google. You need to Bing as well as Google.

Check out your business listing on Bing. First of all, are you there? Is your address correct? Phone number?  Next, have you claimed your business? We’ve talked in the past about how you claim your Google listing, Facebook page, Foursquare, etc, but what about your Bing listing?

This past week, Bing launched a new small business section of their site called “Bing Business Portal” (BBP). The Bing Business Portal allows you to create, claim, manage and verify your local business listing. Just like Google, Bing has two methods for verifying ownership, either by mail, or over the phone with a site supplied code. Once you have  claimed and verified your listing, you are able to customize it with photos, hours, credit cards accepted, and so on. Bing can even create a QR code for your business through the listing. Your updated content will go live within 2-3 days. BBP also allows you to create and manage a deal section to your listing, offering another way to garner the attention of your current and prospective patients and customers.

Another great feature is that you are able to authorize others (such as dba Communications or other outside agencies) to manage your listings. You still retain overall control, but can let someone else manage that aspect of your practice while you focus on your actual practice.

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  1. This is really good information. I did not know that Bing was so important! Now I do, and I want to know about these QR codes please!

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