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Nelly Garcia Tobar
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There are some Facebook Forums I absolutely love One of them is Opticians on Facebook. They just had a thread on Good Customer Service and it made me smile and FEEL GUILTY! Made me smile because it was a feel- good thread and made me feel guilty, because I don’t do all those nice things to my eye doc. I did bring them cookies once although.

Here was the original Thread Post: Good customer service and free adjustments pay off. One patient brought me beer at 10:00 am, and another brought me tomatoes from his garden this afternoon. What’s the weirdest thing a patient has given you? 

  • had a patient give me a bottle of wine and a shopping bag crocheted out of Walmart bags, same patient. The bag is crazy but very sturdy
  • Condoms….. It was the weirdest feeling ever being given condoms by someone who you’re not intimately involved with.
  • A king size quilt, handmade….Doesn’t compare to condoms though! Wow!
  • I had a 70+ year old woman who wasn’t playing with a full deck. She used to draw us pictures – but then she’d ask for them back.
  • Two different ladies have given me jewelry and I carry a Cross in my Lab coat that a little elderly lady gave me.
  • A pair of Keen sandals….I said I liked hers and she asked my shoe size and came back in an hour with a pair. This has me feeling pretty thankful tonight…I have some great, loyal and goofy patients
  • The sales supervisor at the store I work at gets $100 gift cards to expensive restaurants. I got a crocheted pillow, a magnetic necklace and doughnuts… And hugs…which I’ll take over expensive gift cards any day
  • h and beets and tomatoes from a customers garden
  • got cheese from a patient. I have to say it was a delicious local one. I thought it was weird at the time but I have been hoping he comes back soon. Last week on national margarita day a pt. brought us all mini vodka bottles! It was hard not cracking it open right then.
  • We have a patient that will bring us around $50 worth of cookies and muffins and other baked goods every time she has an appointment, which is often. So incredibly generous!
  • I definitely have this one… A red, white, and blue worn terry headband and a pair of brown tortoise looking handle scissors from a very strange patient. Two different occasions
  • Shoelaces, lots of pink shoelaces. I wore one pair for a while to be polite. Moving to a different office yesterday, I unearthed several more pairs from the back of my desk.
  • Most generous gift ever…same patient two different years paid $3000 for me to go Peru one year and Ecuador this year for mission work….has no children and wanted to send me!
  • Deer meat. Yarn covered hangers.

    Nelly Garcia
    Nelly Garcia
  • I worked with a guy and a patient brought him flavored nipple cream and her phone number. Lol
  • One pt who had good intentions but very few marbles left knitted me a scarf. That by itself isn’t that odd except that the scarf was only about 10″ long. That’s one of those times when you just say thank you and go on about your day!! My funniest hug was from a very tiny little lady. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the rest of the office told me after she left that when she hugged me, because of her height, my boobs were resting on her head!! She must have looked like she was wearing a Mickey Mouse hat!!! LOL!!
  • I helped out some hudderites and they brought me back a homemade fruit pie and knitted slippers for my husband & I.
  • Oddest present:left over change on a Tim Hortons coffee card. Or a fruit basket. But I’ll take it! Some gratitude is better than none!
  • Funky crocheted scrubber things. Ugly but work
  • Applepie Moonshine and dozen eggs. Not together though.
  • eggs!!
  • Salmon
  • ½ of his winnings at a horse race!! $$$$
  • A couple of my patients know I collect rhinestone pins so I have a bunch of those. One lady brought me L’Occitane skin cream and one of my patients brought me rib eye steaks. OH! and the restarant gift card I just got last week.
  • I had a patient bring me photos of her husband’s grave site. We had a tear jerking conversation of her husband’s passing. She truly blessed me with that! Another brought me a cd of a song she wrote for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers after I complimented her necklace, that she shared with me, was in memory of her daughter killed by a drunk driver. We were both in tears. Again, I was blessed.
  • Gigi’s cupcakes and titans tickets!
  • I have not gotten anything weird. gift cards, 2 for 50 bucks, any thing this time of year from basil(already cleaned and bagged)’ fruits and vegetables. I got a gallon OD Crown when my store was broken into. He loved oakleys and Maui Jims. Came in 2 days after break in and I had nothing! He almost cried too. Lots of thank you cards oh and boxes of chocolates. I am very blessed. I have done this long enough that I know the keepers and now adays if someone doesn’t like my prices or are just plain rude or aggressive I encourage them to shop online or go to wherever the best price is. They can keep their attitude out of my office. Ha and there I go again..
  • That is AWESOME!!! Dunkin Donuts, fried chicken dinner with all the fixins (from 2 different places), Chik-Fil-A and cupcakes. They either really love us or really hate us and want to make us fat! Oh yeah – we also have a patient from an alcoholhic beverage distributor who brings us samples sometimes! SCORE!
  • OK, we all talk to our patients. On 2 separate occasions, I have received very nice recurve bows (no arrows), a total of 3 bows. When men talk to me about needing glasses for archery hunting, I can relate just a little, because I enjoy target shooting. I happened to have told both of these male patients that I only shoot a recurve, and the sweet fellas brought me the bows that their “sons aren’t interested in”. I’ve also received snacks from Japan that included a wasabi KitKat bar (no, I couldn’t bring myself to eat it). A former boss’s aunt would bring in huge bags of Philippino empanadas for the whole office to share, and she would usually hand me a bag “Just for you, to take home” (wink).
  • I got a fresh apple pie from an actual pie maker. Best freaking pie ever.
  • Told I patient I loved her purse, a few days later she dropped it off with the receptionist and told her to please give to me!
  • I had a couple in their 90’s bring me chinese food one day. It was from their favorite place to eat.
  • Pajamas!
  • I commented on a book a patient was reading just making small talk and he gave it to me when he was done reading it
  • Corn in a big crate.
  • I am an Oregon State Beaver fan and one of my pts made me an apron from Beaver fabric!
  •  $100 milk..chocolate. .flowers. .jewelry. can go on …lol i love my job and my patients!
  • I told a patient that i loved her shirt, a week later she dropped it off for me!
  • Also given to me, or us girls in general is beaded jewelry, Amish made hand pies, flowers, plants, and large cash tips.
  • Glow in the dark golf balls. He was the inventor.
  • I had a patient give me a small Buddha shrine and a scarfs for everyone at the office when he came back from India.

What was or is your fun, weirdest, best ever thing given to you by a patient?

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