BeSpoke Merchandising For National Bike Month


In honor of National Bike Month in May, we are going to write about Bespoke Eyewear trends with a little Bicycle Be-Spoke Merchandising thrown in. We love the concept of using spoke to highlight Bespoke Eyewear Collections.

Bicycle Marketing by Just Ride It

Bespoke items are items made to order. Today that includes: 3D eyewear, custom, interchangeable and modular eyewear, interchangeable lenses, DIY frames, Steampunk and of course prescription lenses that are made to order. Quite a few of the wooden eyeglasses have an option to etch a saying or your name in the frame. This market continues to grow.


Selling customized eyewear can not just set one apart from the competition, adds value, new customers and profits. Today it is easier than ever to do so, especially with today’s technology and offerings.


‘Saving money for weeks to buy a shirt and finding out that one of your friend has the same … We’ve all lived this disappointing situation. To answer this issue, merchants are now turning to a more personalised approach with product customization. And people are highly valuing it:40% of consumers between the ages of 16 and 30 are attracted to personalized goods and services, and 71% of them stated they would be prepared to pay a premium price according to the latest research from Deloitte.’ (Dimitri Hassmann)

Eyecare Professionals have many options available to them today. I Wear America and Clearvision’s interchangeable rimless eyewear, TD Davies 3D, Roger Bacon Eyewear 3D to name a few.

Rivet and Sway

With all of that said, in order to make a statement, we love the use of bicycles in decor. Chromos Eyewear has made excellent us of bikes as a central focal point in their store.

Chromos Eyewear
Chromos Eyewear

Blick Brillen in the Netherlands uses a bike as a shelf, like a small apartment look. Cosy and welcoming.

Blick Brillen via Maarten Weidema

Bicycles in decor can also be used in many other ways: Highlight Sports Performance Eyewear, Spring Has Arrived, Local places to travel by bike and Eye Health.

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