Back To School Tips by Clearvision


With the Back to School season upon us, you can expect the return of your smallest (and often times – your most challenging) customers. We’re referring of course, to children.

To ensure that a child will wear his or her frames, it’s important that the child is happy with them. One of the best ways to make this happen is to make kids an active participant in the selection process (or at the very least – give them the impression that they are making the decision). You can begin by helping the parent choose a variety of frames that addresses their concerns and then present those frames to the child to make a selection.

By allowing the child to choose their own frames (as opposed to forcing frames on them), they will take pride in ownership and will ultimately be far more likely to wear their glasses as prescribed. As an eyecare professional, this is your opportunity to serve your customer by helping the parent and child choose frames that will make all involved parties happy with the result. It’s also a great way to open a door to a long term relationship with a customer.

Koodles, from ClearVision Optical, offers a wide range of butterfly shapes, simple geometric looks and flattering pillowed choices that kids (and their parents) will love.

While giving kids the power of choice is a great tool when dealing with school-aged children, when it comes to tiny tots, parents (along with an eyecare professional) should be the decision makers in the frame selection process. Style is certainly an important factor in making this choice; however, the level of comfort in pediatric frames should be a parent’s ultimate deciding factor. That’s due largely to the fact that infants and toddlers who are not comfortable wearing their frames will undoubtedly fuss with them and often remove them altogether.

Fortunately, brands like Fisher-Price offer frames that are both comfortable and fashionable. Fisher Price’s Marshmallow is a metal alloy frame that features cable temples, single action spring hinges and a special comfort silicon unifit bridge, making it an incredibly comfortable frame for tiny tots. All Fisher Price frames are offered with a choice of skull or comfort temples in five different size options, as well as four different strap bridge sizes.

When selling frames for kids, it can be helpful to create a “Kids Korner” in your practice – a special section decorated in vibrant colors that appeal to kids. You can include toys for the littlest customers, age appropriate P.O.P. and mirrors that are at the right height for kids. For the “tweens” audience, you can also mix their frames in with adult frames, since this age group may not want to choose frames from what they consider a “little kids” department.

In the end, a little extra effort can go a long way in making kids (and their parents) happy about their eyewear purchases.

Submitted by Andrew Miller – ClearVision Optical

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