Automeyez Launches PDq A Faster PD Measuring Tool


Coral Springs, Fla. – 2017 – Automeyes Optical Solutions, an emerging technology platform, has developed an even faster and simpler way to take patient-fitting values, called “PDq.” PDq is designed to simplify the measurement-taking process as this new service requires no frame or other on-face fitting device. Automeyes, which is revolutionizing the optical industry by making it easy for consumers and optical professionals to quickly and efficiently fit glasses via a digital image, recently launched a Beta service for its new fitting tool.

“PDq is the holy grail of faster, easier fitting since it requires less input from the patient or Eye Care Professional,” said Kurt Gardner, President and Founder of Automeyes Optical Solutions. “This new enhancement allows any patient picture, with the person facing the camera, to be used to take the measurements. The flexibility of this new development has led to positive preliminary testing results. Our next step is to expand this project with the goal of increasing patient care quality, reducing lab breakage, and really propelling the science of eyewear fitting into the 21st century.”

The Automeyes website reflects the new features of PDq and other materials showcasing how the technology can be utilized throughout the optical industry will be released in the coming months. For more information about Automeyes technology, please visit, and view this Video that explains how the technology makes it easier to take patient-fitting values.

Kala Mid Page