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Cathy and I had the opportunity recently to visit Augen Optics. We wanted to learn more about the company, specifically about their new product package EasyForm plus a little more about optics. (We always learn something new when we visit an optical lab!)

We had no idea how much the company has grown.  No longer just a small family concern but an international eyeglass lens design and manufacturing organization offering technologically advanced eyeglass lens products.

Augen Free-from Production Line

Family Business:

Augen Optics is still a family concern and we met with Patricia Machado, the daughter of Augen’s founder, physicist Dr. Marco Antonio Machado. She was able to help us better understand Free-form lenses,  she simplified it for us, taking  out all doublespeak.

Free-form Lenses Made Easy:

Here are some key points:

  • Free-form is often used to describe just the equipment, specifically the multi-axis generator that can cut any prescription into the back of a lens.
  • The key benefit of free form manufacturing is the capacity to produce lenses with tremendous accuracy of curve power, delivering the lens design exactly as intended by the designer.
  • High definition and/or aspheric lens designs alone are not free-form. The progressive design itself has to be programmed so that it can be produced on the back of an a single vision lens by a free form generator. It is the combination of both the design and the equipment that defines  true Free-form lenses which are often referred to as “digitally designed” lenses as well.
Augen's Custom Blocker

Augen Design:

Augen Optics does a lot of their own design not just the lenses but production too!  Patricia showed us  one of their own design blocks that uses less alloy making the surfacing process quicker and cleaner. This is part of Augen’s new Easyform turnkey lab package for free-form lens production which has everything generator/blocker/polisher/laser and software  those of you going to Vision Expo West will see a demo of  Easyform. It is the same  proprietary equipment used in Augen HDRx Lab to produce free- form lenses.

I am personally going to try Augen’s Trinity Spacia in Trivex as this this design delivers intense focus control and perspective in the mid-range and distance zones which will be ideal for driving and tennis I hope! So far I have not found any lenses I can wear playing tennis….I will let you know how it performs. I expect to win more tennis matches!


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  1. I was personally dissapointed in the ability to get a Trinity Spacia lens for a patient of ours, turned out to be a real nightmare when there was a dr. change in his RX, and the DM for Augen had to spin wheels and turn somersaults to find a lab who would surface these lenses! Then when he got the Dr. Changed lenses he wasn’t that happy with the results in the intermediate, like advertised. Just one person’s perspective with one patient.

  2. I live in the midwest, and none of the labs I used, at the time, carried the spacia, but some carried other augen lenses, that was the genisis of my difficulties getting the product.

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