Atlantis™ Scleral Deep Savings Spare Lens Program


X-Cel Specialty Contacts has updated their Atlantis Spare Lens Program. The new Atlantis Spare Lens Program offers Atlantis lenses, in duplicate parameters, at a savings of 40 to 50% off the standard price when purchased within 90 days of the patient’s final Rx.

It has become a standard to ask for a back-up pair of eyeglasses and we believe no one could benefit more from a back-up pair of contact lenses than specialty contact lens patients. This tremendous savings on Atlantis Scleral spare lenses gives the Eye Care Professional an affordable option for patients who cannot function without their specialty lenses should one become lost or broken. For added value, we offer travel-sized, mirrored patient kits that bring convenience and a place to store spare lenses. For more information on Atlantis Scleral, please visit or call 800.241.9312.

X-Cel is a division of Walman: a family of optical companies with a 100-year history of excellent relationships built on enduring trust and added value.

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