As Seen On Ebay: $8,999,999.00 Patent For Exotic Skin Eye Glasses


US Patent # D 709,942 “Exotic Skin Eye Glasses” was up for sale on ebay. Sale ended last year. This is what they say:

I am the only person Legally allowed to have any “Exotic Skin” on any Eye Glasses frame (including sunglasses). A few examples are Alligator, Snake, Stingray, Ostrich and Lizard to only name a few.

This patent has instant value adding unlimited new product lines with multiple color choices and complimenting accessories products. Such as matching Exotic Skin watch bands, belts, wallets, handbags, briefcases, boots / shoes. This market is huge for the luxury seeking individuals.

This is a perfect opportunity for Manufacturers & Designers to License the rights from me or an outright purchase is an option. We can work out a lease to own option. Each word in the Title and the “Claim” of this Patent were carefully cunsructed to fully maximize the marketable valuation. A broad claim adds instant value, as I cover multiple skin species and eyeglasses or sunglasses. For complete information about this one of a kind patent, please visit the website. Google, “Exotic Skin Eye Glasses” and I am the first 3 responses.

This patent has the full 14 year time value from 7/29/2014 Acquire the exclusive rights and use this leverage against your competition


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