Are Subscription Services In The Future?


Over the last five years, we have written about Sunglass Subscription Services. Whether it is just about eyewear or Cratejoyaccessories, Subscription services are not new, you may be in a Wine Club, you may get CSA food, books, music and movies (Netflix, Amazon) but retailers are flocking to this way to get the word out about their product, get some viral reviews and sell stuff.

Subscription Services are growing and several new companies such as  Cratejoy and Zuora are taking advantage of it by curating all subscription services and putting them in one place.

UPS in an Online Shopping Survey -Study stated that:

boutique-in-a-box e-commerce (also known as curation services) is an emerging personalization tactic. Online subscription services are already adopted by 22% of online shoppers and 47% say they would consider enrolling. The adoption rates are much higher for Millennials and urban dwellers. One beauty boutique-in-a-box company recently announced that it now has more than 400,000 subscribers. Each participating consumer pays either $10 or $20 a month for a selection based on specific criteria.

Zuora, thinks Subscription Services are the NBT (Next Big Thing), and offers the wherewithal to open your own subscription service, with webinars, step by step guides to make it successful.

Crate joy looks like a Groupon Type of program. Consumers can go online and browse through the vendors and pick up the ones that are applicable to them for a small monthly fee. If you are a retailer, you can sign up your own and they walk you through the process.

Because this is a subscription services, most of the products should be refillable. Items such as lens cleaners, microfiber clothes, contact lens solutions, even Gift Certificates could work for eyecare professionals.

Yes, there are a lot of pros and cons to subscription services… It might be something to check out or keep your eye on in the future.


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