AOL Trashes Optical Providers



What is it with these writers that have it in for optical providers. Not Consumer Reports this time but 10 Things Eye Doctors Won’t Tell You by Katrina Brown Hunt posted on AOL recently. This article trashes optical providers. Unfortunately, instead of doing real research, this writer just blabs away about the high cost of eyewear, unnecessary tests, bad progressive lenses and a lot of misinformation.  Anyway, optical providers beware, your AOL readers may have read this negative article and will be on the defensive. Here is the link if you want to read it: 10 Things Eye Doctors Won’t Tell You.

The only rebuttal needed here is that the writer is not informed and is looking to make a case against good eyecare rather than for it. The cost of eyewear is very reasonable given the amount of work that goes into quality eyewear and the amount of use if gets. There are frames and lenses available for every budget. Progressive lens designs are much improved on those from years ago and very few consumers experience problems if the lenses have been fitted and manufactured correctly. Patients need to know that a good and thorough eye exam will reveal a lot more about the patient’s general health than many other medical exams.

Please let us know what you hear out there!

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  1. If anyone complains about the high cost of eyewear, I tell ’em this:

    “If any other sense of your body (hearing, taste, touch, smell) was as impaired as your uncorrected vision is, and you could restore it to essentailly as good as new for the price of a pair of quality eyewear…


    “Nuff said.


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