An Optical Illusion To Shake Up Optical


We love optical illusions. We are always fascinated by what fascinates and holds our attention or boggles our minds. We also know optical illusions are a great eye opener for optical shops. Whether in your store or online, optical illusions attract attention from young and old alike.

Recently Instagram user Physics Fun put up an optical illusion that will more than make the artwork spin, it will make your head sping. The illusion shows an arrow pointing to the right, but when the arrow is spun 180 degrees, it still points to the right. It’s like watching an incredible magic trick and feeling like there has to be some kind of sorcery involved. Making things even crazier – when the arrow is spun in front of a mirror, it still points to the right but the arrow reflecting in the mirror is pointing to the left.


Originally conceived and created by Japanese mathematician named Kokichi Sugihara, the illusion using reflection, perspective and viewing angle to make it seem like the arrow always points to the right. When viewed from above, you can see the arrow actually has a unique shape, which causes the illusion to happen.


Aspire MidPage June 19