An Internet Minute 2019 Edition

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One of our favorite infographics every year is what happens in an internet minute. We are all seemingly concerned with 150 likes we get on this picture or that. Yes, of course, we want to do a good job with our social media and reach more current and potential customers. What really makes this infographic work though is the sheer size and scale of internet platforms and social media sites. Most of us shop online, watch Netflix, send messages on Facebook, check our Instagram, and send a few emails most every day.

Stop though for a minute (pardon the pun) to look at this infographic and realize how many other people are doing the exact same thing at the exact same time. This is not meant to discourage you that any of our efforts are but a drop in ocean of social media, but to encourage ECPs to do even more, do even better, try even harder to break through the clutter and make your store or practice really stand out.



thank you to @loriLewis and @officiallyChadd


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