America Matters Day Is November 19: Made In USA Optical Goods


November is the time we list our bi-annual Made in USA Optical-Eyewear listing. We are happy to announce that we have added a many new listings to include more eyewear and accessories plus we added a few contact lens companies. Just as an FYI, the Monday after Thanksgiving is, in which the consumer pledges to buy local.

Image Eyewear Gallery

When we first started this list several years ago, we could barely find 12 eyewear companies that were made in the USA. Today the list of eyewear and optical companies is over 70 and growing! It appears that eyewear manufacturing is coming back to the United States. MADE In USA products are strong consumer trends and there is an effort for companies to make eyewear/sunglasses (eyeglass frames) in the United States. To claim Made in the USA the product must be “all or virtually all” made in the U.S.

Made in the USA” claim is deceptive, says FTC senior attorney Laura Koss, are the claim’s context and whether it’s likely to mislead a reasonable consumer. Ultimately, the line between legal and illegal is determined by the overall impression planted in consumers’ minds.

The types of claims

“Made in the USA” claims can be “unqualified” or “qualified.” Unqualified means that “all or virtually all” significant parts and processing are of U.S. origin. The product may contain a small amount of foreign ingredients if they’re not significant—the knobs of a barbecue grill, for instance. Companies must be able to document any claim. (Consumer Reports)

This trend is so strong for Made in America products that even Wal-Mart and Under Armor have pledged to bring back some of their manufacturing to the United States.

When you’re in the market for manufactured goods – like prescription safety glasses – you probably shop the internet and order online to secure the best price. You may also be curious about where your product is produced. We’re proud to let you know that here at Rx Safety, we offer full online sales support for your online shopping and our clerical, manufacturing, and shipping departments are located right here in the U.S.A.

Why is this important to any retailer? According to Consumer Reports National Research Center 78%  of Americans would rather buy the American product, if the product is equal. Good marketing, great customer service and a niche that the consumer is looking for. In addition, it keeps your tax paying dollars local.

Be Warned: Often one will see Designed in New York (or another city) or Created in USA or even Handcrafted in… This labeling can be deceptive and consumers might think this is made in the USA. But it is not, it means the concept (idea) was designed or created in the USA. Well, we all in the United States have great ideas that were ‘created’ wherever we are.

The other thing is many state we are a ‘manufacturer’ but it does not say where they are manufacturing.

Desair Eyewear with a #madeinindiana hashtag. They have not responded to email
Desair Eyewear with a #madeinindiana hashtag. They have not responded to email and we did not see evidence of made in USA. 

Some sites say Assembled in USA. That means they bought the parts other places and put it together in the USA, again this may not qualify it for a Made in USA status. Costa is one company that sources their parts and assembles in the USA. They say they have a USA certification that the product is built in the USA.

Feller Shades Designed in USA but made in China
Feller Shades Designed in USA but made in China

All products in the USA need to have a country of origin. Bottom line is the label should say MADE in the USA and even at the point you cannot trust the label.

That said we have pulled together a listing of places to find Made in America Eyewear-Optical products.

  1. Adam Mugavo (New York) Bespoke Wood eyewear who handcrafts his wood eyewear in his workshop in New York.
  2. Alvaro Planchett (Florida) A few years ago we wrote about Alvaro Planchett’s eyewear, which he was making out of his home with mystery materials and an oven. The product is very cool. We got to see it at an Optical Trade show several years ago. The site is still up and apparently he is still making them or getting rid of what he has. Alvaro-palnchart1
  3. American Eyewear (Nashville, Tennessee) They sell only to eyecare professionals. This is what they say: ‘American Eyewear formed in 2014 out of the need for American-made eyewear within the optical industry. We have combined the manufacturing processes that are used  from our mentors in Europe and brought high-quality eyewear production to the U.S.A. American Eyewear’s manufacturing facility and headquarters are located in the heart of America’s Music City in Nashville, TN. While Nashville has long been the birthplace of upcoming musicians and country stars, it has also become a cultural hub fostering the latest in fashion. We’ve brought production of stylish and lasting quality eyewear frames here while using a variety of methods to match any budget. Our most budget friendly lines use our machinery and consist of assembly  and finishing of unfinished  parts  “Assembled and Crafted” lines. Our “Made in Nashville” products combine high quality materials and parts like fine Mazzuchelli acetates and German OBE hinges that undergo lengthy and detailed cutting, tumbling, filing, wiring, and finishing processes using our CNC machinery. Our “Handcrafted in Nashville” is our most extensive and hands on process of manufacturing. Each individual frame undergoes an extensive 43 step process using old world by hand techniques used by our artisans after a cutout from our CNC machinery. This by hand process leaves each frame being uniquely crafted and no two identical. Each of our customers will not only know that their frames were made in the USA, but will know exactly where they were made with “Made in Nashville” printed on each of our frames. We make five in-house brands and also provide brands for outside clients as a toll Manufacturing Facility with four levels of production.’ 
  4. AO Eyewear (Southbridge, MA) AO has been around for over 100 years. They used to make equipment, plan dispensing rooms and offices, eyewear, lenses, had optical shops and labs at one time. They currently still make eyeglasses.

    AO Eyewear
  5. Arc Iris Wood Eyewear (Boise, ID) Manufacturers or their wood eyewear in the USA.
  6. Aarns Plastic (New York) Makes limited edition eyeglasses in the USA.
  7. Bex Specs (Las Vegas, Nevada) Fairly new company who is committed to making their sunglasses and eyewear in the USA. They did not respond to an email request send in early 2017, Little is known about them. We did see an ad for an eyewear designer earlier this year.
  8. Black Springs Folk Art Sunglasses (FL) Folksy wood sunglasses made in the USA. Their eyewear selection is dependent on what they are making. I have seen rattlesnake sunglasses on their site.
  9. Bome Eyewear (Portland, OR) Bome Designs and manufactures RX’able and adjustable Ophthalmic and Sunglasses frames

    Charlie V
    Charlie V
  10. Charlie V (Detroit, Michigan) This is what he says on the website: The polycarbonate frames are tooled, produced and assembled in the USA using time tested injection molding technologies. The lenses are premium grade, 2mm shatter resistant polycarbonate, meeting all US and European standards for full UV protection and are polarized for an added level of safety, comfort and protection. The hinge is made up of stainless steel components, with the visible portion being produced from a leading edge 3D additive manufacturing system. 3D metal printing is an exclusive process—almost solely limited to the medical and aerospace industries today. Charlie V’s feature a 3D printed stainless steel hinge cover. 

  11. Clear Lake Polarized Fishing Glasses who state, their eyewear is: Made and assembled in the USA, our frames are made of high quality TR90 Grilamid, giving our sunglasses extreme strength and durability that can withstand the harshest environments. They did confirm the product is made in the USA. ClearLake
  12. Collins Brand (Los Angeles, CA) Funded via  Kickstarter in 2016, this new eyewear company products are being made in Hayward, California. Jimmy Collins father is an ophthalmologist in New York and he grew up in the optical industry. They did respond to email inquiries to confirm products is being made in California. Collins Brand Eyewear
  13. Customeyes or Rareframes (NY) Nader Zadi creates eyewear from vintage spectacles. This is done via his optical shop. Much of the American vintage eyeglasses were made in the USA, which qualifies the Made in USA and if he is re-styling them here himself, it is a cross between Vintage and Bespoke Eyewear
  14. Dom Vetro (Los Angeles, CA) Launched in 2016, Dom studied eyewear manufacturing in Italy and Brought the skills to the United States.
  15. Drift Eyewear (Illinois) Hybrid bamboo and recycled acetate sunglasses that say made in Chicago. We sent email to confirm. They are made in USA although they are on a hiatus now.
  16. Eqo Eyewear (Colorado Springs, CO) reclaims broken skate decks in the USA and remakes into sunglasses.
  17. Ess Eyewear (Hailey, Idaho) Safety Eyewear with a few styles made in the USA. This is an Oakley- Luxottica Company.

    Ess Eyewear
    Ess Eyewear
  18. Exo Vault (Brooklyn, New York) Exo Vault is a machine shop that started making cell phone cases and have launched a metal sunglass collection. Established in 2009.
  19. Extreme Glare (Elk Grove, California) The website says Made in USA. Have not been able to confirm if it is just frame or lenses. We have had no response to our email. 
  20. Fatheadz Eyewear (Indianapolis, Indiana) This is what they say on their website: Why is “Made in America” important? We are an American company. Keeping jobs in America is important to us. Back in 2004, when we first started Fatheadz, like most start-up companies, we searched to find the least expensive way to make our product so we could be competitive in the market. The US is not a cheap place to manufacture. Now that we have a foot hold in the market and people know our name, they know where to get extra-wide eyewear, we decided it was time to take this first step. Currently their Made in America Product can be found in the sunglass collection. Confirmed via email.

    Fatheadz: Sunglasses are Made In USA
  21. Figs Frames (Bend, Oregon) Award winning sculpture artist, Mike Bryant is creating wood eyewear, some even with diamond accents. All made in Bend, Oregon.
  22. Fluid Edge (Yuma, AZ) states they  ‘Made in USA’. Email confirmation, they are made in USA. Sold online and through retailers.
  23. Funoogles (Rockville Center, NY) Interchangeable, bendable, twistable kids frames that are fairly new to the optical marketplace. Sold online. They also give back to health organizations. They state they are made in the USA. 
  24. Gasoline Glamour (Los Angeles, CA) Funky online accesssory company with made in USA eyewear. They confirmed this via email. Fluid Edge

25.) Gatorz Eyewear (Carlsbad, CA) Gatorz has been around for over 20 years. They make aluminum sunglasses in a patented process in the USA. They have supported the Wounded Warrior Project. Gatorz can be bought online or through selected retailers.


26.) GloFX (Tallahasse, Florida) Rave-Novelty Kaleidoscope Glasses that are manufacturer in Tallahasse according to their website. Sold online, ebay and through wholesalers. 

27.) Homes Eyewear   (Detroit, Michigan) making eyewear from one of the over 7000 abandoned houses. They source the wood from Reclaim Detroit and then handcut into wood veneers. Established in 2012.

Homes Eyewear

28.) Icicles Performance Eyewear (Santa Margarita, CA) Several emails have gone back and forth trying to get a confirmation of their Made in USA claim. By the time of this post, we have not had confirmation. Icicles USA

29.) Indivijuall (Texas) Makes custom eyewear from acetate sheets. The acetate sheets are not from the USA. They also have a give back program.

30) I Still Love You New York (Brooklyn, NY) Established in 2010, they make fun non- prescription sunglasses in the USA. Lazer cut jewelry and accessories. Sold online and through retailers.

I Still Love You NY

31.) I Wear America (Grand Haven, MI) Launched by two opticians in 2015. Wanting to bring back eyewear manufacturing and strong believers in the made in USA, they source all their products from the United States. The products are assembled in Michigan. Multitudes of shapes and color combination can be made with their simple rimless concept. Available in 12 colors and an unlimited amount of shapes. Sold through eyecare professionals.

32.) iWood (Louisville, KY) Wood eyewear made from reclaimed wood from luxury airplanes. One of the first wood eyewear lines, since 1999 and they give back.

33.) J Bird Collective (Portland, Oregon)  Soft goods company, that raised funds via Kickstarter to produce Leather Eyewear. We sent an email in the beginning of 2017 and still have not received a response to confirm made in USA status.

J Bird Collective Leather Eyewear
J Bird Collective Leather Eyewear

34.) J Martasand (Los Angeles, CA) Fairly new eyewear company that seems to just get going the start of 2017. There was No response to an email inquiry in early 2017. Sold online.J+Martasand

35.) John Hansen (New York) Makes limited edition eyewear.

36.) Kurtis USA (Moro Bay, CA) USA Surf Goggles are 100% USA fabricated over many hours with most of the labor by hand.  See some of the steps in this video

37) Kala Eyewear (Oakland, CA) One of the best known made in USA companies. Eyecare professionals can find them at Vision Expo. Consumers can find them through their store locator. 

38.) Kroops Eyewear (Indian Trail, North Carolina) Established in 1947, Kroops is known for their  eyewear for horseback riding, parachuting and other air sports. They responded back to email inquiries to confirm made in USA status.



39.) Legacy Eyewear (North Carolina) Wood sunglass collection founded in 2016. One for one company, meaning buy one and they give one.  They confirmed via FB messenger that their products were made in the USA.

Legacy Eyewear

40.) Lowercase Eyewear (Brooklyn, New York) Looks like New York might be the new center for eyewear manufacturing. Launched in early 2017, they confirmed they are made in USA.

Lowercase Eyewear

41.)  Liquid Eyewear (Yuma, Arizona)

Liquid Eyewear
Liquid Eyewear


42.) Native Ken (New York, NY) This optical retailer was established in 2010 and recently launched their own made in USA eyewear. Native Ken will offer free eye exams and 30 percent off of frames to members of Actors’ Equity Association on an ongoing basis. 

43.) Nautique Optix (Walnut Hills, Ohio) Solid wood sunglasses. Uses Carl Zeiss Vision sun lenses.

44.) Norman Childs Eyewear (PA) The Zyl’s are made in California and the metals are made by Randolph Engineering in Randolph, MA.

Norman Childs Eyewear

45.) NW 77th Eyewear Factory (St. Louis, Missouri) Many will know the Erker name who is one of the oldest eyewear companies in the United States. They bought the machinery and started making their own Made in USA eyewear in 2016. Eyecare retailers can find them at Vision Expo.

46.) Oakley/Luxottica: We do not know if any Oakley product is still made in America. We sent an email requesting an information update. and have not received a response. ESS eyewear a division of Oakley is listed as having some USA made frames. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, it is believed, rumored that some products are made out of the Lake Forest, California Oakley facility.

47.) Parkman Sunglasses (Mountainside, New Jersey) Makes wood eyewear and limited edition eyewear from such objects such as guitars and vinyl records.

Parkman Sunglasses
Parkman Sunglasses

48.) Randolph USA  (Engineering) (Randolph, MA) Another company that has a strong commitment American made products. Founded in 1972 this family run business focus and vision is to support American Made products. They also buy as much a possible from American Made products to complete the American Made Circle. Sold online and through eyecare professionals.

Randolph Engineering

49.) Revision Military  (Essex Junction, VA) Contacted them in early 2017 to confirm the products made in the USA, they did get back to me and wanted to know WHY I wanted the information. When I responded they did not get back to me: Ergo it must be a top military secret.. this is what they say on the website: Revision’s 52,000 square foot operational and eyewear manufacturing hub houses the most technically advanced lens manufacturing equipment in North America featuring an environmentally controlled Class 100 Clean Room with molding and coating machines capable of producing millions of lenses annually. At its core is a fully automated lens coating process that cleans, coats, cures…) “

50.) Schro Shades (San Diego, CA) You have to love this, seen on Etsy, a guy is creating sunglasses in his garage from reclaimed wood and recycled plastic.

Made from recycled plastic, provided by Envision Plastics, leader in plastic recycling. The temples are made from Reclaimed Oak Wine Barrels
Made from recycled plastic, provided by Envision Plastics, leader in plastic recycling. The temples are made from Reclaimed Oak Wine Barrels

51.) Sharklion Studios: (Detroit, Michigan)  Fairly new company, that makes Wood eyewear and sunglasses that are manufactured out of Detroit, Michigan. This was confirmed via FB.

52.) Shinola (Michigan) According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, Shinola is set to make wood eyewear in the Southside of Chicago in 2017. Currently they manufacture jewelry, watches, bicycles and leather goods. We listed them as they ‘might be making some in the future’. Technically speaking they are not manufacturing eyewear, but they are selling Sunglasses from Randolph Engineering on their site. (Source).

53.) Shorehill Eyewear Design (Chicago, IL) 3D printed sunglasses made in the USA.

54.) Shwood (Oregon) Shwood has been producing wood and skate deck eyewear since 2009. At times they have used reclaimed wood from sources such as Baseball bats and whiskey barrels, sea shells, moss and pinecones. They are made in the USA. They can be seen at Vision Expo. The products can be purchased online and various retailers. moss-eyewear-shwood

55.) Shuron Eyewear (Greenville, SC)  has been in existence since 1865, making it one of the oldest eyewear companies still in existence in the United States. Most people will know this name from the infamous Shuron Ronsir, worn by almost everyone back in the 1950-1960s.

56.) Shek Life: (Nashua, New Hampshire) A few leather eyeglasses and accessories. We did send an email to confirm the status and have received no response.

57.) Sires Eyewear (Los Angeles, California) Wood sunglasses, sold online and through places like street fairs in Los Angeles area. Purchase online or through various shows.

58.) Solar Bat (Brazil, Indiana) We sent an email to confirm status in early 2017. We still have not heard from them. But this is what it says on the site. 

59.) Solo Bambini (Burlingame, California) Children Eyewear line consisting of Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, Toddler, Rascal, Rookie 38, 42 and 44, Scout, Eagle Scout and Scout Master. These styles are all made in the USA. The line is sold online or through eyecare professionals. Confirmed via email in 2016.

60.) Som Noir (San Francisco, CA) creates Bespoke and limited edition eyewear from Buffalo horn. The Buffalo Horn is sourced from somewhere else and is not from the USA.

61.) Spectaculars (Westhampton Beach, NY) or Frameworks, America: This little known company is staring to make a splash. Spectaculars makes zyl acetate eyewear and sunwear. Uses Mazzucchlli Zyl. 

62.) Spex Wax (San Diego, CA) Optician David Keith makes eyewear from upcycled records. He will also do Bespoke eyewear.

63.) State Optical (Chicago, Illinois) State Optical started out as Frieze Frames, bought by Europa in 2014 and since then, been steadily working to build the Made in USA brand of State Optical Company. Sold through eyecare professionals.

State Optical Co

64.) Tommy Owens Eyewear (DelRey Beach, Florida)  Wood eyewear company that was created several years ago. They are manufactured in Chicago and in Florida. Confirmed via email. 

65.) Topology Eyewear (San Francisco, CA) They did a soft launch via Facebook and launched in later 2017. App driven ‘custom’ for your face eyewear. Confirmed made in USA status via Facebook Messenger.

Topology Eyewear

66.) Traps Eyewear (Maine) Makes sunwear from old lobster traps in Maine.

67.) Urban Spectacles (Illinois) Bespoke wood eyewear company. Master craftsman make wood eyewear, inlays, uses various materials. Beautiful products.

68.) Wesley Knight (Nashville, TN) Bespoke Eyewear from buffalo horn.

69.) Wooden Specs Studio (Indianapolis, IN) Great story, starting out in 2007, he actually makes his own brass hinges. Purchase online or via Etsy.

70.) Woodzee (Chico, CA) Wood sunglass company that makes sunglasses in the United States. They have made sunglasses from Makers Mark barrels and flooring. Not all the sunglasses they sell online are Woodzee, but they do have a small collection made in USA.


71.) Wrist Readers (Seattle, Washington) Reading glasses that wrap around the wrists. They were funded on Kickstarter in 2016. Made in the USA. Give back company ‘WristReaders are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA.’



1.) Clean and Brite (IL) Lens Polish that is made in USA. The website is still up, but we have not received any confirmation of their made in USA products.


2.) EK USA (Logan, Utah) makes everything from badge holders to eyeglass retainers. We sent and email to confirm the status in August 2017. We have not received a response.

3.) Makr (Winter Park, FL) Leather made eyeglass cases that are made in the USA.

4.) Nerdwax (Nashville, TN) Seen on Shark Tank, Bed Bath and Beyond as well as Vision Expo. They did response to an email request. They are made in USA. 

5.) Chums (Hurricane, Utah) Eyeglass accessories that have been made in Utah since 1983. Chums is dedicated to sustainable business practices.

6.) Croakies (Bozman, Montana) Eyewear accessories line that says some production is made in USA. We have sent an email to confirm and as of now have not heard back from them.  Croakies was purchased by Hilco in 2017 which is most likely the reason why.

7.) Moonshine Leather Goods: (Nashville, Indiana) Leather eyeglass cases.

8.) PhotoSilk (Santa Monica, CA and AZ) These special high end microfiber clothes not only give to animal habitats, they are still made in the USA. 

9.) Pro-Optics (Palatin, Illinois) Manufacturer of ophthalmic goods, States on website:

10.) Pyramid Case (Rhode Island) According to their website, ‘Our factory in Rhode Island produces more cases than any in the USA. And our ownership of a factory abroad enables us to maintain a competitive edge over our competition’

11.) Specs Totes: (Port Charlotte, FL) Handmade by optician Irene Burdorf.

Lenses:  Technically speaking, the manufacturing of spectacle lenses could be construed as Made in USA. For this purpose we listed only the lens manufacturer.

1) Vision Ease Lens (Minneapolis, MN) Coppertone lenses are made in the USA. Vision Ease was purchased by Hoya in 2017. Will they continue with Coppertone lenses in the USA?


1.) Fashion Optical Display (Paradise, CA) Established in 1987, all optical dispensaries are designed and built in California.

2.) Backyard Spectacles: (Alaska) You have probably seen the giant wood eyeglasses, business card holders and other decorative eyeglasses from Francis Scholz.

Contact Lenses: We have tried to contact each Contact Lens company to find out whether they make their own contact lenses in the United States. Unfortunately we did not get a big response. We listed them if they mentioned they manufactured contacts.

1.) Art Optical (Grand Rapids, Michigan) Established in 1931 this family run specialty contact lens company can be seen at Vision Expos.

2.) Acculens (Denver, CO) states they are a manufacturer, not confirmed.

3.) Alden Optical Labs (Lancaster, NY) According to their website: Alden Optical is a specialty and custom contact lens manufacturer located in Lancaster, New York. Every one of our soft and gas permeable lenses is truly made-to-order, including our custom toric contact lenses, our custom sphere contact lenses, our custom tinted contact lenses, our custom multifocal and multifocal toric contact lenses, and scleral lenses. We also custom manufacture a wide range of prosthetic contact lenses.

4.) Blanchard Contact Lens (Manchester, NH and Canada. Not confirmed.

5.) Conforma Contact Lens (Norfolk, VA) Not confirmed.

6.) DMV Corporation (Elmhurst, Illinois) This is what it says on their website: ‘All DMV contact lens accessories are FDA approved and meet exacting government standards. All DMV products are warranted against defects and satisfaction is guaranteed. We at DMV Corporation pride ourselves in continuing the tradition set by our founders and we pledge to continue that tradition into the future.

All DMV branded products are manufactured in the USA from natural rubber that is compounded with dry powdered latex. No liquid latex is used in these products. As a result, latex allergy tests show latex allergy to be below detection. DMV Corporation is a family owned and operated business.’

7.) Essilor Contact Lens: Several locations, Not confirmed.

8.) GP Specialist (Rancho Bernardo, CA) Not confirmed.

9.) Herslof Contact Lens (Milwaukee, WS) Not confirmed. This is what their website says: ‘Herslof Contact Lens Services has been manufacturing contact lenses for more than 50 years. We are an authorized manufacturer of Boston lenses as well as other gas permeable materials in a variety of lens designs.’

10.) Metro Optics (Austin, TX) Custom Contact Lenses. Not Confirmed.

11.) Progressive Eyes (Dallas, TX) states they are a manufacturer. Not confirmed.

12.) Synergeyes (Carlsbad, California) who confirmed via Facebook Messinger, that their hybrid lenses are made in the USA.

13.) Truform Optics (Texas and NM) Not confirmed

14.) Uni-Lens (Largo, FL) Custom Contact Lens. Not Confirmed. subsidiary of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International in 2015

15.)United Contact Lens (Arlington, Washington) Custom contact lens made in the USA. Does private label contacts and FDA approved.

16.) Visionary Contact Lens (Anaheim, CA) Established over 25 years ago.

17. (X-Cel Contact Lenses (Walman) 10 locations. Not confirmed.

Update On Previous Made In USA Claims

360 Square Eyes. (Philadelphia, PA) Optician Valerie Vittu is continuing with her donation/crowd-funding program for her MADE in USA frame line called 360 Square Eyes.

Capital Eyewear (San Francisco, CA) We sent an email to them asking if they were still in business and have not heard back in over a year. At one time they were made in California. Their website is still up although none of their Social Media has been updated since 2016.

Costa- Essilor (Florida) are hand assembled in the USA only.

Garrett Leight (California) They have had a collaboration with a frame style for a Made in USA label.

Philly Eyeworks: Are not made in the USA, they are assembled and colored in the USA.

Radian Mirage USA Dielectic Safety are assembled in the USA only.

Specs of Wood Eyewear (Woodmere, NY) Other sites that list made in USA products list Specs of Wood as well. We did send an email in early 2017 requesting confirmation and have not received confirmation back. There is nothing on their website as well. You will see advertising like this:

They do attend Vision Expo and you can ask them there.

UVEX Safety which is owned by Honeywell has a claim that some of their safety products are made in USA. I sent and email in early 2017  requesting more information and have yet to receive an answer.

WileyX (Livermore. CA) They do make some frames and lenses and assemble much of their products in the USA. But because some of the accessories and cases are not made in the USA, they technically do not meet the qualifications to be declared Made in USA.

3M Safety Products: We asked Hoya as the new owner if 3M Safety was still made in the USA.  According to our contact at Hoya, no 3M safety products are currently being made in the USA despite the outdated claims that are made online from various online safety eyewear sites.

Other; Technically Speaking: Some of the following categories could qualify for Made in the USA

3D Printed Eyewear The day is not that far away where everyone will have a 3D printer to produce their own made in USA eyewear. There have been quite a few 3D printed eyewear companies, many have come and many have gone.

Etsy and other Handmade Frames: There are quite a few creators carving out wood sunglasses and selling via Etsy. Others are decorating vintage and and value eyewear for funky looks. As an example My Willows is taking off the temples of eyewear, adding a decorated chain and calling it handmade in Los Angeles. Kudos to her for re-starting an eyeglass trend and her own business. Kudos to all other Etsy Crafters! We love what yoy are doing and your creativity.

Steampunk Eyewear: Steampunk is a vintage/gothic/futuristic look and has a big following. Since most steampunk shades are DIY and made from found objects they can be considered made in the USA. Steampunk relies on salvaged parts and re-crafting them into a new look. Many Steampunk eyeglasses are seen on craft sites such as Etsy. If they are crafted locally, they do qualify for a made in USA label.

Vintage Eyewear: Many older frames were made in the USA: American Optical, RayBan, Victory Optical, Martin Copeland, Tart Optical, Wilsonite, Zyloware, May Optical to name a few. These frames are becoming rarer as the vintage eyewear market has grown. You can find on Etsy, eBay, 1stdibs, spotify and Vintage Eyewear Sites. Note that they may not have a country of origin as it was not necessary.


  • The only true way to 100% verify Made in USA status is if you actually go and visit each place and we have not done that. We have tried to contact (as noted above) the companies that claim ‘Made In USA’ label. Responses are noted above.
  • Much of the information that is available on the Internet is outdated.
  • We have not listed every accessory company, which includes eyeglass cases, eyeglass retainers, contact lenses, contact lens supplies.
  • We have not listed or contacted medical and optical equipment companies.
  • The optical lenses companies are to the best of our knowledge. We have not contacted all optical lens companies .
  • We have not listed many nutraceutical companies many of which are made in the USA.
  • We did contact many contact lens companies to inquire and have not received an answer.


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