Amazon Alexa-Powered Smart Glasses to Be Unveiled at CES 2018


Vuzix, a longtime wearables maker, is releasing augmented-reality glasses that respond to Amazon Alexa voice commands. Alexa software is going where no other voice assistant has gone before: Eyewear.

Amazon is partnering with wearables maker Vuzix Corp. to release a pair of augmented-reality smartglasses that respond to commands from Alexa. The glasses will be debuted at at CES 2018 this week.

While the glasses will be on display at CES, Vuzix said they won’t become available until the fiscal second quarter. The $1,000 glasses are targeted to enterprise and “prosumer users,” the company said. The glasses, dubbed the Vuzix Blade, can display certain information, like maps or sports scores, via voice command through Alexa. The Vuzix Blade can also receive phone calls and have a built-in camera, microphone and touchpad mounted to on the side of the glasses.

Consumers have to be Amazon customers in order to use the Alexa function while wearing the Vuzix glasses, Bloomberg noted.

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