ACA x EyeCare Professionals How To Build An Online Practice Strategy


pediaticJanuary 1st is right around the corner which means big changes are happening in healthcare due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The new laws will have a significant impact on optometry and the way you market your practice online.

First of all, as part of the Harkin Amendment, millions of previously uninsured adults will now be eligible for eye care, regardless of their healthcare history. That means that 35-40 million people that didn’t have benefits are now going to be looking for an eye doctor. That alone will have a huge impact on the industry.

Secondly, also taking effect in 2014 is the Pediatric Eye Care Benefit, which ensures that insurance plans sold in the health insurance marketplaces and individual and small-group plans must include coverage for children under 19 years of age; entitling them to an annual comprehensive eye exam, follow-up care and glasses and contact lenses in almost all cases of need. Every single plan insuring a child will mandatorily include vision care benefits.

That means millions of new pediatric patients will be out there looking for a good OD, which in turn means a new focus for marketing your optometry practice.

So leading up to January 1st, how should you adapt your online marketing strategy to get these patients into your Practice?

Focus on issues that pertain to children, talk up vision and learning disabilities, children’s eye problems, the importance of vision in school and sports performance, yearly eye exams… anything at all that should be on the mind of a parent regarding their child’s eyes and vision.

Promote your children’s eye care services across your online real estate:

  • Create a children’s eye care page on your website.
  • Highlight the fact that you treat children on your homepage and mention any child-specific services you offer such as, pre-school eye exams, vision therapy or Ortho-K.
  • Include photos of children and families on your website, Facebook and Google+ pages.
  • Write blog posts and press releases that speak to parents of children focusing on children’s eye conditions and eye health needs.
  • Run promotions for children’s eye exams or eye wear for back to school or birthdays and promote them online.
  • Engage parents on Facebook by posting relevant articles, polls or facts about children’s vision.
  • Encourage parents to write reviews of your Practice based on their experiences with their children.

If you want to capitalize on the incredible potential the ACA brings, it’s time to start thinking about kids and creating a kid-friendly reputation for your Practice.

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