8 Cool Upcycled Eyeglass Chandeliers


For the creative person take a peek at some cool up-cycled eyewear lamps. If you are looking for creative ways to reuse your dusty eyeglasses and make eye-catching point of sale displays, check these out.

Salvage Creator Stuart Haygarth created an eye-catching eyeglass Chandelier, reusing discarded eyeglasses into an eco chandelier. Spectacle used 1020 pairs of discarded RX eyeglasses, with a smaller size constructed from 620 pairs

A lamp shade made of 40 mirrored aviator glasse

Haygarth Eyeglass Cube

Also by Stuart Haygarth: Called Optical The 1.5m diameter chandelier, contains 3,000 lenses from unwanted eyeglasses,  premiered at the Trash Luxe exhibition at Liberty in London.

 White Chandelier by Winnie Lui: Look closely and see the use of everyday trash, including eyeglass frames

Photo: design-milk.com

Another Chandelier by Stuart Haygarth is called Tide Chandlier. Made from objects, including Eyeglass  Frames from items washed up on the beach.

Not to be outdone, Europtics new store in Cherry Creek, took all those old dusty, I want to go away frames and put them into the ceiling.

Eyeglass Ceiling

Today’s Post is sponsored by MODO eyewear ECO Eyewear Collection. ECO eyewear is made with eco friendly materials and plants trees for every frame sold.

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  1. Cool artistic use, but pretty selfish. Those used glasses could be donated to one of several charitable organizations that provide them to people who would otherwise have none. I’m not advocating one particular group, but I know that Lions Club and OneSight are two very reputable organizations. Just google ‘donate used eyeglasses’ and choose one you like.

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