6 Steps To Evaluating Vintage Eyewear

Vintage Cazal 951. Image: Upscale Hype

Over the years quite a few consumers have asked us about vintage eyewear. Most common questions: Do we buy vintage eyewear and how much is it worth? There is no doubt that many eyewear companies and or styles hold their value i.e. Cazal, Mikli, Ferre, some Neostyle’s, Anglo American, Silhouette, Cartier, Vintage RayBan. But these top sellers are very easy to copy then as well as now. In addition quite a few companies have done a re-make or re-issue of their top sellers of yore.

No matter what it is or what we think it may be worth, our answer is always the same: It is worth what someone will pay for it. Therefore this is what we reply:

1.) What frames are they? Who is the Designer or Manufacturer?

2.) What condition are they in? Are they wearable?

3.) How old are they? What Era are they from? 1880’s to 2000?

4.) How many were made of that style. Mass production, limited edition?

Alain Mikli Bat Glasses from 1988 as seen on Runways. $1499 Euros

5.) How rare are they? Can you find them on the internet? Limited Editions or numbered?

6.) How much information can be provided about the eyewear? Are they knock-offs? Certificate of Authenticity, such as with old Raybans and Cartier.

Where to Go Resell or Evaluate Pricing:

1.) Check Amazon, ebay, 1stdibs and etsy.

2.) Contact other vintage eyewear dealers and see if they will buy them from you


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