5 ways Lens Care Towelettes Can Add Profit


1. Household soap and cleaners can cost thousands in remakes.

Today, home cleaning formulas often contain harsh chemicals that can damage lenses and coatings. If you don’t provide a safe alternative to dish soap or window cleaner, clothing or household towels, you’re likely to face remakes that could have been preventedThe industry remake average is 11%, according to a Vision Council study. 44% of those are warranty remakes, covering scratches (33.4%), failed AR (23%), non-adapt (19.3%), and cracked lens (9.4%). For 2,000 prescriptions, 11% equals 220 total remakes, including 73 scratched pairs. Each remake costs an average of $68.59, for a staggering $5007.07 annual total due to improper care. And that doesn’t include the cost of extra staff time with the patients and paperwork. Consider the lost sales from customers left waiting, too.2. Professional lens care builds your reputation.The Genius Bar in an Apple store is where customers go for expertise. The dispensing table is your Genius Bar, and towelettes are your teaching tool. Take the time to explain protecting an eyewear investment, and you win. Make it a hands-on learning experience − show, tell and sell!3. Not just convenience − everyday satisfaction.Yes, towelettes are easy to tuck in a drawer or briefcase. But they’re also the best way to have the perfect amount of solution in a safe, soft cloth that cleans without streaking or Dawn-cleanerresidue. Be sure to offer towelettes, such as Ultra Clarity® by Nanofilm, that are safe and effective on AR lenses, pH neutral, and with a minimal amount of isopropyl alcohol. You’ll help prevent damage complaints: “No one ever told me.” And replace them with compliments: “My lenses don’t scratch like they used to.” That’s the kind of expe

4. See every interaction as opportunity.

The dispensing table is the natural choice, but you should also promote towelettes in all these scenarios:

  • Lens selection: “Great choice! Proper care is important, and we recommend our towelettes for optimum satisfaction.
  • ”Dispensing: “The product I’m using is the only way we care for lenses here.
  • ”Payment: “Have you seen how proper care can keep your glasses looking like new longer?”
  • Adjustments: “Let me show you a solution for this smudging.
  • ”Extras for electronics: “These are great for phones and tablets, too.
  • ”Build towelette cost into eyeglass packages: “Our package includes professional care, too. 

5. Towelettes are habit forming! Incremental sales add up.

Because they make proper cleaning easy, customers are more likely to use towelettes regularly. Imagine the sales impact of using a 30-count box each month!chart_2

Do well by doing good. It’s just smart business. It’s that simple. When you take care of patients by recommending lens towelettes, you benefit, too − in satisfaction, long-term business, and profits.

 Source: Defogitworks 
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