44 Eyeglasses Made From Reclaimed Trees


To celebrate Arbor Day, we put together eyewear made from salvaged-recycled or reclaimed wood and trees throughout the world.

Wood-Trees is one of the easiest materials to recycle and reuse. With the amount of wood used in building, remodeling, furniture and more there is actually no need to ever cut down a tree. In a study,  states such as Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington have more than 2.5 million tons of wood waste per year. In another study  Britain throws away about 4.6 million tons of wood every year. That is a lot of trees being cut down.  We give kudos to companies that actively seek out old wood to remake into eyewear and other products.

1.) iWood (Kentucky) Established in 1997, they were one of the first to use reclaimed wood. They make their wood sunglasses from the discarded wood from luxury jets.

iwood Made in USA

2.) Micro Mega Ottica: (Italy and Spain) We love their rendition of rimless eyewear made with Twigs.


3.) Traps Eyewear (Maine) Reclaims wood lobster traps in Maine and creates sunwear. Abandoned and washed up lobster traps are called Ghost Traps. What happens is that lobster Traps kill twice, once the lobster is harvested and again when they are abandoned or washed up and marine animals are left to die in the traps.  In Maine, where lobstermen fish more than two million traps, it is estimated that 5 to 10% of the traps are lost every year. Traps Eyewear was established in 2014. The temples are from the oak lobster traps and the fronts are Italian.

Heitage TrapsEyewear
Traps Eyewear

4.) Termite Eyewear (UK) Make wooden eyewear from recycled wood.

5.) Shwood (Oregon) Popular Canby model came in a Salvaged Series Sunglasses. Limited edition offering in conjunction with Aurora Mills Architectural. Only 50 pairs were made .

Sold Out

6.) Legacy Eyewear (NC) Wood sunglasses made from salvaged wood after Hurricane Matthew

7.) Bohten Eyewear (Canada) makes sunglasses from reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed Redwood Sunglasses

I am not surprised that a few companies are remaking eyewear from Liquor Vats or casks. Considering that Whiskey, Rum, Bourbon, Wine are all aged in wood and at some point thost wood casks can be reused. Jameson’s does reuse their wood (The Life of A Whiskey Barrel)

8.) WoodZee (Chico, California) This Made in USA wood eyewear company in a collaboration with Markers Mark created recycled wood sunglasses from whiskey casks.

Woodzee and Makers Mark

9.) Shwood (Portland, Oregon) Collaboration with Bushmill’s in 2012 also made wood sunglasses from Casks.

Shwood and Bushnells

10.) We do not know who made these but according to Bourbon and Boots:

  • Wooden Glasses Made from Used White Oak Kentucky Bourbon Barrels
  • Authenticity Certificate Indicates the Brand of Bourbon Used in Bourbon Barrel Sunglasses
Whiskey Barrel Sunglasses

11.) Raw Eyewear (Puerto Rico) In a collaboration with Bacardi, they created eyewear  from Rum Casks. This was in 2015.

Raw Eyewear x Bacardi Rum

Wine Barrels: if it is good enough for whiskey, it is good enough for wine.

12.) Designed and made by Woodzee, in 2013, the Robert Mondavi Private Selection X Woodzee Sierra Sunglasses

13.) Shwood x Widmer Wine was made in 2014

Shwood x Widmer Wine

14.) Barrriqule (Italy) Their temples are made from recycled oak barrels.  (Via Google Translate) “I was in the cellar where my family has been producing wine for several generations, when I noticed some old stacked barrels in the corner, ready to be burned after exhausting their task: to hold for several years the precious wines that have made so famous our territory. And from there the idea. Reuse of aged oak barrels, transforming them into reading glasses for wine auctions color “jealously” guarded until then. ” 

15.) Schro’s Shades (San Diego, CA) This is on Etsy, and these are made from Ocean Plastic, Foil pastry wrapper and Wine Barrels.


16.) Slugger Shades made from Baseball Bats: Shwood hit a home run with this limited edition sunwear from Louiville Slugger baseball bats in 2014. We do not know if this was recycled, but it is possible.

Shwood made from Louieville Slugger baseball bats

17.) Homes Eyewear (Detroit, Michigan) Since 2005 the start of the ‘non-depression’ Detroit was one of the top cities that people had lost their homes to foreclosure and no tax payments. Bringing much needed jobs and reusing the wood from abandoned homes, Homes Eyewear established in 2012 started to reclaimed wood from these abandoned houses. They work with a Restore for the wood.

The Roosevelt by Homes Eyewear
The Roosevelt by Homes Eyewear

18.) Woodzee also made a limited edition sunglass collection called the  Anthology Woods Sunglass collection. Only 105 pairs were made. They featured twice-recycled and reclaimed hardwood flooring.

19.) Ballo Eyewear (Capetown, South Africa) is creating handmade sunglasses from recycled paper and off-cut timber from local furniture producers.  They also give back by working with The Jonga Eye Clinic in Khayelitsha by donating frames and a portion of profits for local children in need of prescription glasses or other eye care.

20.) Holloway (Australia) mades wood eyewear from cabinetmaker scraps and salvaged wood. ‘Camphor Laurel, farm sourced and donated from QLD cabinet makers.’

21.) Wood3N (Sweden) : ‘We use mostly recycled wood to manufacture our sunglasses and this together with our tree-planting program we consider ourself as a do-gooder. They plant trees for every frame sold.

22.) Veiga Eyewear  (Australia) ‘eyewear derived from reclaimed and refined materials including plant-based acetate, flax-fibre composites, stone and salvaged Australian hardwoods.

Salvaged Iron Bark Temples

Skateboard Decks: There are only a handful of companies that are making eyewear from reclaimed Skateboards. Because this is a big look with the lifestyle crowd, quite a few of the Skate Deck eyewear companies are buying pre-made skate deck eyewear from China. To qualify for a reclaimed status, a company has to work with sporting good stores and skaters to get them to give them their broken boards. Quite a few companies offer Skate Deck Eyewear: Diamond Supply, Shwood but we do not know if they are actually recycling.

23.) EQO Optics (Colorado)

24.) Recycled Skate Deck Sunglasses (Brazil) They do not have a website, Facebook only, but are crafting sunglasses from broken skate decks. We have no idea how to buy them, but kudos for making them.

25.) SK8Shades (South Africa) Also is making eyewear from skate decks.


26.) Vu Frameworks (NJ) offers a small collection of recycled skatedeck sunglasses.

27.) Uptitude’s Eyewear from Snowboards (Austria): If you can make eyewear from skatedecks, why not snowboards?

The snowboard is attached with high quality acetate by Mazzuchelli and mounted with lenses by Carl Zeiss.

According to The Music Trades website industry census of the United States guitar market, between 2005 and 2013 anywhere between 1.6 million to 2.5 million guitars were sold each year. We don’t know how much of them are broken or donated or how much wood it takes to make one, but using old wood from guitars is a very cool thing to do.

28.) Parkman Sunglasses (New Jersey) joined together with Patterson Guitars to create amazing Guitar Glasses. That is music to my ears.

Style Bombay
Style Bombay

29.) Toccata sunglasses from Benevente Guitars, We cannot find more information about this only the image.

Toccata sunglasses from Benevente Guitars via Face Furniture in Grants Pass, Oregon
Toccata sunglasses from Benevente Guitars via Face Furniture in Grants Pass, Oregon

Paper: Most paper comes from trees and Americans use 85, 000,000 tons of paper a year or 680 pounds per person per year. The amount of wood and paper we throw away each year is enough to heat 50,000,000 homes for 20 years. Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown away every year in the U.S. Reusing Paper a readily available resource makes both dollars and sense to reuse and companies are capitalizing on this.

30.) Shwood,made a limited edition Sunglasses made from newspapers.

Shwood made with Newspaper
Shwood made with Newspaper

31.) Paper and Paper From Spain, makes eyewear from recycled paper.

Paper and Paper
Paper and Paper

32.) Artlife (Spain)

Artlife from Spain
Artlife from Spain

33.) Paper Style (Italy)

Paper Style
Paper Style

34.) Show Me the Money Sunglasses from Parkman Sunglasses  (Mountainside, NJ) Another made in USA company  who recycledAmerican money to use as an accent on the temple. The shredded money comes from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. You can actually buy 5 pound bags of shredded money from the US Currency.

Brickma by Parkman Sunglasses
Brickma by Parkman Sunglasses

35.) Shwood’s Pinecone Shades: Shwood as part of their Forest Collection, used pinecones in a resin to make eyewear.

Shwood Pinecone eyewear
Shwood Pinecone eyewear

36.) Evoke Eyewear’s Coconut Sunglasses: Brazilian company Evoke was established in 2001. Their collection of Conscious Design includes sunglasses made with coconut fiber and resin. They are the only sunglasses we can find today that are made from coconuts.

37.) Unknown Coconut Eskimo Shades 

Made from coconuts. 1986
Made from coconuts. 1986: Image credit unknown
Evoke Coconut Eyewear
Evoke Coconut Eyewear

Bamboo: Bamboo is NOT a wood, it is a grass. No longer is bamboo on the cutting edge of eyewear. Due to low cost imported bamboo from China, many companies are using ‘Eco Friendly’ and floatable bamboo. Bamboo is labeled eco-friendly because it grows very fast and thus is easily replensible. The problem is the worldwide demand for Bamboo is killing off endangered species such as Panda’s who live in Bamboo Forests. To date, we have found only one company that is using recycled bamboo temples:

38.) Solo Eyewear (San Diego, CA) Used recycled bamboo in their temples.

If we are going to go with Bamboo, we have to go with Hemp, another grass. Hemp is another one of the most eco-friendly and functional materials in the world.

39.) Hemp Eyewear (UK) Hemp was launched several years ago via crowd-sourcing and more than achieved their goal.

Cork by it’s nature is naturally recycled and good for the trees. Best of all it is one of the most eco-friendly materials one can use. Most of the cork trees are farmed by small independent farmers in the mediterranean. The use of cork in eyeglasses seems to be growing, with more companies utilizing cork as either accents or layers. To our knowledge there are about 10 eyewear companies utilizing cork in their eyewear.

40.) Indianas Formentera (Fromentera, Spain) Established on a small island in the mediterranean, Indianas Formentera makes sunglasses from both cork and wood.

Indianas Formentra- Cork Sunglasses
Formentra Eyewear

41.) Kraa Kraa (Finland) Creates eyewear from Steel, Wood, Cork and leather.

42.) MoonShades (Budapest, Hungary) Launched via Indiegogo, they offer four styles made from cork.

43.) Fenton Eyewear (Dallas, TX) offers both cork and wood eyewear.

44.) Moss: Another innovation from Shwood involves the use of moss collected in the rain forests of Oregon.


While there are over 300 different wood and bamboo eyewear companies, our focus was on companies that use recycled wood or recycled wood- tree products such as paper. We missed more that a few I am sure.

Of special note are the nine eyewear companies that state they use sustainable and FSC certified wood. Antonio Verde Eyewear, Einstoffen, Grown Designs, Hera Art and Luxury, LaVeta Eyewear,  Lunet Eyewear, Rezin Stone, Tree Spectacles, Woo Eyewear.

20% of the wood eyewear companies that we know about offer a give back program, with the majority given back to either vision or trees.















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