3D Eyewear-Opportunities For Eye Care Professionals

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The hot topic in 3D today: Will 3D Eyewear make it into the mainstream? Is this an opportunity for Eyecare Professionals. If any of you have participated in a 3D event, you have probably come away thinking ‘So What?’ With the success of the movie Avatar, you will probably see more movies featuring 3D and  more technology having to do with 3D eyewear.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, big story was  companies showcasing 3DTV sets. With 3DTV along comes 3D glasses, and not the quick throwaway kind quality  Eyewear that you can keep.

Your friendly optical vendors are banking on this as well:

Gunnar Optiks: which makes a line of “digital” glasses that are designed to reduce eyestrain, has announced that it will be offering a collection of 3D glasses enabled with components of its i-AMP lens technology. The company says it will make versions available for the most widely used 3D platforms in gaming and video.

Microvision- in our own San Diego, who offers 3D sunglasses. An interesting story,-we did a post on MicroVision 3D Sunglasses on Optical Vision Resources- and we had 2 responses from retailers who wished to purchase. One was an online retailer of teenage gadgets and the other was an optical shop. This tells me that these retailers are looking to the future.

Epand 3D Eyewear

RealID; RealD said that its has deals with Sony, JVC, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and DirectTV to support its format to deliver 3D in the home. These electronics players will work with RealD to develop glasses compatible with their 3D displays. About 4 million 3D glasses were worn by people at the initial showing of Avatar.

Xpand Cinema-Uses battery powered active LCD shutters that open and shut. They also work with BlueTooth devices, why we don’t know, but hey it’s technology. XpanD’s active-shutter  glasses feature “the highest-speed LCD lenses, lowest crosstalk and the highest viewing angle” and strategic partnerships (read: bundle deals) with other major manufacturers …

Real ID 3D Eyewear

Nvidia- putting their efforts into 3D gaming, picture and movies. Their 3D Kit (GeForce) sells retail for about $199.’

GeForce 3D Vision Kit By Nvidia

‘Upgrade your PC to a fully immersive stereoscopic 3D gaming experience with NVIDIA® 3D Vision. A combination of high-tech wireless glasses and advanced software, the 3D Vision kit transforms hundreds of PC games, 3D movies, and digital photographs into an eye popping, interactive experience.’

Because 3D eyewear is the hottest optical trend, companies such as  Shimano- Europe -have launched a 3D Digital Fit sport eyewear. Just giving sport-performance eyewear that name-denotes the whole image of hi-tech and the latest in performance.

The other good thing for eyecare professionals- it gives you something to talk about, send out a press release, get mentioned in the news. Some examples:

Bottom Line: Wearable Technology such as 3D Eyewear is a new market that offers opportunities for eyecare professionals. It can 1.) Bring in patients 2) provides add-on, non managed care sales 3.) Increases a Talk Factor 4.) Increase Referrals 5.) Set apart from competition 6.) Engages the consumer, by having a sample for them to experience 7.) Can add profits to your bottom line.

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  1. Here is a question.

    When do you think that lens manufacturers will license and then come up with Prescription 3D lenses that patients can put into their own frames? Do we know of any lens companies or tint companies that are doing this?

  2. Great question Sam, We will ask about it here at The Vision Council Meeting, since many of the Lens companies are attending.

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