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iCoat Company is known in the optical industry as a leading provider of high-end 3D optics. We asked Arman Bernardi, PhD, President/CEO of iCoat, who together with his R&D team developed iCoat’s Sfirex 3D technology, to talk to us about the role of the optical industry in the 3D arena. We wanted a 3D eyewear and technology update and to know more about the role of iCoat as well.

James Cameron on Avatar Set

Arman told us that Sfirex got started because one of the leading makers of 3D projection systems wanted very high quality 3D eyewear available for the launch of the movie Avatar. Why? Because improved optics mean a much better movie viewing experience. iCoat’s Sfirex technology is used by many of the premium 3D eyewear providers for their lenses.

Better optics is the main reason why the optical industry needs to be in the business of providing consumers with 3D eyewear. The 3D TV suppliers are not providing the consumer with the appropriate quality eyewear which is probably due to cost. As with most premium eyewear, it comes at a price and it is easy for the TV companies to provide the cheap low quality 3D eyewear with bad optics rather than explain why the consumer needs to use high quality 3D glasses to experience the optimum viewing experience.

This is good news for the optical industry especially as the need for premium 3D eyewear is clear – the cheap 3D glasses are dark, hazy and full of reflections all of which reduce the transmission of light. Reduced light transmission diminishes the sharpness and quality of the projected images. The goal of the new, higher quality technology is to “increase light” and therefore more precise and sharper image contrast. Premium 3D eyewear has increased light transmission plus many other benefits such as:

  • Premium 3D lenses with increased impact and scratch resistance

    Premium 3D Eyewear For Optimum 3D Viewing
  • Easy to clean 3D lenses with advanced anti-static and oleophobic properties
  • Significantly reduced haze and unwanted reflections
  • Curved 3D lenses that compliment wide assortment of fashionable frames
  • Modern, comfortable and superior quality frames

More good news for the optical industry is that the competing technology is much less of an issue than it was. Most movie theaters and recently announced new televisions from TV manufacturers have opted for the passive circular polarized technology. The reason being that it is very user friendly:

  • Eyewear is simple i.e. no electronics or batteries needed
  • It allows for head movement, slouching in the seat etc. without affecting the 3D image

So what is next we asked Arman, when will we see Rx? “We are working on it!” he says……That will be an exciting development but in the meantime, I will be making sure that I have premium quality 3D eyewear for my future 3D viewing experiences.


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  1. My son and I were fortunate enough to try I Coat Sfirex and the difference was….wait for it…..WOW!!!!! After trying the theaters 3D glasses then Sfirex my son did not want to take them off, neither did I. We both agreed that they were much clearer and sharper. The picture seem to come out at you and make you jump in your seat (we watched Resident Evil Afterlife). While everyone else was wondering why we keep trying to stretch out our arms and touch the screen we were enjoying every scene of the movie. We even got closer to the screen and still the picture was amazing. I recommend these for optimum experience for your next 3D movie.

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