33 Transportation Themed Eyewear for National Transportation Week


There are different types of transportation: walking, skateboards, skis, skegways, motorcycles, bicycles, cars, trucks, go karts, golf carts, boats, wagons, airplanes, horses, camels, elephants, but the primary source of transportation is of course the car. That said Barack Obama proclaimed Friday May 15 as National Defense Transportation Day and May 10-May 16 as National Transportation Week.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim Friday, May 15, 2015, as National Defense Transportation Day and May 10 through May 16, 2015, as National Transportation Week. I call upon all Americans to recognize the importance of our Nation’s transportation infrastructure and to acknowledge the contributions of those who build, operate, and maintain it.

Eye Bogglers

  • 1 in 5 dollars in the US is spent annually on transportation products and services,
  • 1 in 16 Americans is employed directly by the transportation industry.

If you are a car person this might be a great opportunity to celebrate cars, have a trunk show or even pick up litter on your local roadside.

That said, we put together a list on ‘Transportation’ Themed Eyewear companies.


1.) The only Airplane themed eyewear we could find was vintage Boeing Eyewear by Carrera. According to Vintage Sunglasses these were made for Boeing Pilots in the 1980’s.


2.) Aston Martin Eyewear via MAD Vision and Marma London

3.) Bentley Eyewear (Estede)

4.) BMW by Aspex Eyewear

5.) Bugatti Eyewear: We do not know, if this is being licensed by any company. Bugatti Sunglasses can be found in various vintage eyewear shops.

6.) Cadillac Eyewear and Lenses (Windsor Eyes) and Atomosphera

7.) Carrera Eyewear by Safilo 

8.) Ferrari by Luxottica-via RayBan: Ferrari eyewear has been made by several eyewear companies. You can find Ferrari directly online, through vintage eyewear sites and Luxottica.

9.) Jaguar Eyewear by Eastern States and Menrad. Jaguar a company established in 1922 is renown as a sporty and quirky car. Both Eastern States and Menrad have held the Jaguar Eyewear license for years.

10.) Hummer Eyewear by ADC or Mings Development.

11.) Jeep Eyewear, used to be distributed by Lamy, and now it looks like Xiamen Beyond Ray Optical Company Limited has the Jeep License.

12.) Maybach Eyewear: This luxury Eyewear collection is one of the most expensive eyeglasses in the world. Distributed by IVKO

13.) Mercedes Benz Eyewear: by pdm Germany: Mercedes Eyewear has also seen a few distributors over the years. Rodenstock for one. Currently ppm has the license.

14.) Mustang Eyewear by Essilor/Osse/Merve Optics. They can be found on various Essilor-Luxottica  sites such as Coastal or Clearly. 

15.) Porsche Design by Rodenstock

16.) Tonino Lamborghini Eyewear by Mad Vision

17.) Volkswagon by ADC: There is an eyewear license out, but VW eyewear can mainly be found on Amazon.

Agricultural Aviators; These transportation themed eyeglasses help to get things done!

18.) Caterpillar Eyewear by Inspecs. Caterpillar is rated among the top 100 worldwide brands. They make equipment, engines and more.

19.) John Deere Eyewear: established in 1937 and now distributed by WileyX. John Deere is known for transporting farming products.

Motorcycles, Scooters and Vespa’s 

20.) Ducati Eyewear by Mondottica and Italia Independent limited edition sunglass.

21.) Harley Davidson Eyewear by Marcolin: Harley Davidson Eyewear was a long time licensed brand from Viva, which is not Marcolin.

22.) Vespa Eyewear:  Vespa the company was established in 1946 and is now distributed by Lamy and Lunettes Grasset.

Bicycles: Are a primary mode of transportation through the world. In fact a few cities are ‘Car Free’ where the only transportation used is by feet or bike.

23.) BMX Eyewear– by Emporium Eyewear (UK) BMX bikes are bikes for bicycle Motocross.

24.) Schwinn Eyewear by FGX an Essilor Company. Schwinn was established in 1895 and is one of the oldest companies in the United States.

A few creative eyewear companies made up bicycle glasses that can be found in vintage eyewear shops.

Pierre Marly Bicycle Glasses
Anglo American Bicycle Shades found at Lunetier Vintage

Transportation Accessories: It is said that 1 in 7 people are employed indirectly by Transportation industry.

25.) Momo Design Eyewear: At one time Neostyle has the license for Momo Design. Now you can purchase on Momo Design eyewear directly online

26.) Goodyear Tire company was established in 1898. Goodyear Eyewear is now distributed by Icon. 

Racing: While this is not really transportation related it does have wheels and engines.

27.) Dale Earnhardt by New York Eye and SPY Optics. Dale Earnhardt is one of the best known racers in the world.

28.) NASCAR by Inspecs: NASCAR is one of the top sports in the United States, so it makes sense to license the name. For those of you with a long term memory, at one Zyloware distributed NASCAR Eyewear for Inspecs UK in the United States.

Road Specs It is a little eye-ronic that one of the United States most eye-conic routes in the United States is licensed out to a German Eyewear company.

29.) Route 66 Eyewear by Primetta a Germany company that was established in the 1920’s .

Car Inspired Eyewear  These are NOT licensed products, just themed artistic car designed eyewear, but we just had to put them in.

30.) We love the Pierre Eyewear (France) A few limited edition specialized vespa and motorcycle Eyeglasses.

Pierre Eyewear
Pierre Eyewear
Pierre Eyewear

31.) These custom eyeglasses by Germany eyewear company,  Custom Frames have mini motorcycles on the temples which any rider would love.

Custom Frames

In another look, check out the these rims!

32.) Sight Shapers:  Of course you can alway custom design a logo on a pair of rimless frames.  Via

Harley Davidson logo Rimless Eyewear


33.) Grix Sunglasses is an Australian Themed vintage sunglass manufacturer. The sunglass are made from aluminum and reflect the artistic work of 1950 and 1960’s cars.

Grix Sunglasses
Custom Frames

These artistic eyeglasses are only a rendering and not in production!  Car Fashion  Designed rendering

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

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