25 Exquisite Works Of Rimless Eyewear For 2017


Custom, adorned rimless eyeglasses are coming back and are showing up frequently on the Runway. There are a few opticians and labs who are taking advantage of this eyewear trend can creating unique and expensive one of a kind wearable art pieces that just happen to be rimless.

Today we are honoring opticians and a lab that have painstakingly created wonderful works of art out of rimless frames.

1.) Many of you may know Richard Wilhelm of Luxe Laboratory. As most independent labs have been searching for ways to compete in the optical industry, Richard Wilhelm took up the back breaking work of re-furbishing old eyewear and creating new looks. He makes bespoke, he  helps design for Silhouette, he facets, he etches, he basically is a Bespoke lab with a can-do attitude.

The customer brought in nail polish as a tint sample. Silhouette Rx with triple gradient tint.

Custom facet and color rimless
Luxe Laboratory via Santinelli in Apple pie order
Hand-setting 40 Swarovski stones
Custom etching on a Cartier Frame

2) Paul Garcia of Caramel Lunettes. Many eyecare professionals have seen his creative custom eyewear on Facebook and optical trade magazines. He bought his old optical shop in Colorado Springs, Co, renamed it to Caramel Lunettes and in his spare time he puts his love of eyewear into passionate works of art. His one of a kind artistic creations will go down in history as iconic fashion and will be re-known though-out the world. Read more about him on his YouTube Video 

Lindberg chassis, trivex lenses, monarch butterfly and 75 million year old ammolite. Stones in white gold bezels, laquer, enamel, and transparent stained glass paint.

An oldie but goodies, we just love it!

3.) Leff Optical: I have never met this man, but I want to, his motorcycle made out old eyeglasses is another legend in the making.

Steampunk Rimless eyewear
When pigs fly!

4.) Sight Shapers is a Netherlands based optical retailer that also sells online his unusual shapes. We love his animal themed rimless. BTW, he has no Facebook page, no Twitter, no Instagram, which I admire him for.

Shark Shades

5.) Optik Kultur Based in Germany is another retail with a definite sense of whimsy with his Lego motif’d sunglasses. Another one that has no Facebook page, no Twitter, no Instagram or Pinterest.

Optik Kultur

6.) One of our go to places is MicroMega Ottica an optical shop in Venice, Italy. This year we pay homage to their lopsided rimless in titanium and buffalo horn.

Micromega Ottica Style P22; Titanium & natural buffalo horn. Rim: Hand-cut edge & natural buffalo horn and titanium
Micro Mega Ottica Style Pirate
Micro Mega Ottica Style HA29
Micro Mega Ottica Style M17
Micromega Ottica- Prescription Wood
Micromega Ottica- Style S29 White plexiglass and titanium

7. Toms Design is another German Optician who made these shark shades several years ago. His rimless eyewear collection today is in the neighborhood of unique custom shapes. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram or Pinterest. 

Not every optician or every lab has the ability or equipment to customize eyewear.
AIT Industries has equipment and a design department if you are looking for ideas.
Santinelli has an edger that can make this type of custom eyeglasses.
Luzerne Optical the lab can also do custom eyewear.

Jamie Hansel wearing custom Frog Glasses from Luzerne Optical
Aspire MidPage June 19