24 Ways to Reuse Eyeglass Frame Bags

Eyeglass Plastic Bags

I’m cheap- I have been reusing frame bags for over 20 years. Why buy when you can get for free! For years- I have saved the frame bags and used them in more ways than I can count. In an ideal world (and it would save you money) You wouldn’t return any product. If you have to return product, you would send back in original packaging, the optical vendor wouldn’t have to repackage (saving you money in overall frame prices) Wouldn’t it be great if you sent back the packaging and the optical frame vendor would credit you back!

Unfortunately it’s not an ideal world- but you can reuse, re-purpose and re-think those frame bags. If you sell 100 frames a month that means 100 toxic, non- recyclable plastic bags are going into landfills.

Eye Bogglers:

  • Americans use 84-100 Billion plastic bags annually
  • 13 Billion Barrels of Oil to make them.- increases our oil addiction.
  • It cost $4,000 to process and recycle 1 Ton of plastic bags for an ROI (return on investment) of $32.00. Yes that is your taxpayer dollars at work!.
  • Only 1-3% of plastic bags are recycled.

Top 24 Ways to Reuse- Repurpose- Re-think EyeGlass Plastic Bags

1.) Put out for your patients- We suggest putting the plastic frame bags in a little basket with a small sign ‘Free’  and supply a list of what they can use them for.

2.) Travel- plastic frame bags are perfect for lotions, toothbrush, toothpaste and cosmetics when traveling.

3.) For business people- I have a Rolling Office- I use for my business cards, pens, paperclips, post-it note and more. Perfectly organized.

4.) Recycle- Plastic bags are recyclable.

Clothspin Bag made with plastic bags www.craftgossip.com/

5.) Lost a cover for your beverage, can- slip over the top and it will keep it fresh. No need to store in a plastic bag (saves money as well)

5.) Tool Box- store screws, nuts and bolts

7.) You can fuse them together to make larger bags.

8.) Wash them and reuse for lunch items

9.) Sewing- great way to store thread, yarn

10.) Accidentally opened an ink cartridge- place it in a plastic bag

11.) Keep your ‘misc’ drawer organized- put matches, tie strings in the plastic bags

12.) Store Game pieces- store Legos, Crayons,  Monopoly tokens and more in the small plastic bags

13.) Garden- seed bags spilling- put in the small plastic bag

14.) Medicine- no need to take your pill boxes- use the bags

15.) Use a Packing Material

16.) Use to cover small paint brushes, when putting aside for a few minutes.

Plastic bag wedding dress made with Plarn (plastic yarn)

17.) Organize nylon knee highs and socks.

18.) Use in purse/car to hold lens cleaning cloths

19.) Use in purse/car to hold Contact Lens cases

20.) Place in car to hold small stuff such as extra lug nuts (I actually do this)

21.) Use to store craft items

22.) Use to protect and store Xmas decorations

23.) Need to make ice- fill with water and freeze- great for empty freezers saving money and energy as well.

24.) Store and Keep Change- I actually do this- it’s my mad money!

25.) Make Ice- fill with water and freeze

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