24 Pinterest Boards To Inspire Shoppable Windows


Back in 2013 Kate Spade experimented with pop up stores that featured ‘Shoppable Windows’. The stores were connected online, so all the consumer had to do was tap, tap and buy from the street. Department store Fraser utilized Shoppable Windows for Black Friday, ebay launched Holiday shoppable windows in 2013, In fact retail trends say that shoppable windows will become the norm.

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This interactive shopping experience is the way of the future.

While the small mom and pop retail store (especially optical stores) may not be able to afford the technology that goes into this, they can afford to make their windows and displays enticing and appealing so as to encourage the consumer to shop at their store.

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Visual Merchandising is so crucial to the importance of a retail store that stores actually hire people specifically just to do displays….because displays encourage and inspire people to buy their products. 

What we did: We broke out our visual merchandising boards on Pinterest to aid the artistically challenged eyecare professional with ideas for eye-catching displays in all types of spaces. We devoted 24 boards to visual merchandising .

Board #1: Merchandising With Recycled Products” As the name says, this board is all about making displays with products you can find around the house or on the street. Includes wood, rocks, pinecones, cardboard, paper and reclaimed goods. If you are looking for ways to reuse eyewear and lenses, especially in wall hanging, check out our board Reuse Eyewear.

Lobby: Wall Made of Candy Wrappers, Upcycled furniture, Turf floor. Photo: Amanda Wills, Earth911

Board #2: Merchandising With Optical Decor: This board includes everything from giant eyeball lamps, how to use eye charts, eyeglass rugs, Phoropters,  mannequins with eyeball heads, eyeglass decals, eyeglass furniture. This does not include Pillow Talk, a board that is just about Optical Pillows.


Board #3 Merchandising Optical Shops: If you are looking at remodeling, looking for a few ideas for an update, how and where to put signage this board has plenty pics to check out. The focus is on Interiors and layout of optical shops.


Board #4:  Merchandising Eyewear–  General eyewear displays that can be used all year round.  Much of this has to do with height, adding definition to smaller spaces and some use of  color. Included creative uses of mannequins and cut outs.

Board #5: Signage: Coming into vogue are vintage optical signs, large Eyeglass Signs out of wood. This board shows the many types and uses of large optical signs and sculptures.

Optical shop by Dimensions, Patras Greece eyewear store design via Optical shop by Dimensions, Patras Greece eyewear store design in Pinterest

Board #6: Merchandising for Spring Summer: Mothers Day, Beach Displays, Gardening Display, Sunglasses, Spring Cleaning

Image: Apartment Therapy

Board #7: Merchandising for Fall Winter; Fall and Winter ideas, excluding Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are

Board #8: Music Motifs: Has noteable eyewear, some merchandising, music fashion statements, music themed eyeglass racks.


Board #9: Kids and Back To School: This category includes all kids decor and back to school displays. Also included are Back to School optical jokes.

Exquisitely Bored in Nacogdoches on Flickr

Board #10; Eyewear Displays + Animals; We pulled out some animals themed displays, although they also show up in Winter and in Sports Displays.

Image Credit Unknown: Out of the Box Display with SALT

Board #11: Eyewear Displays + Bicycles: Bicycles are making a fast trak in merchandising.

Bicycle Marketing by Just Ride It

Board #12 Eyewear Displays+ Balloons: Balloons are another economical ways to spruce up an office.


Board #13 Eyewear Displays + CityScapes: Whether it is a local look, a travel theme or just a city skyline, we pulled together some jet-setting looks.

Image: https://www.la-belle-idee.com/vitrines/

Board #13 Eyewear Displays + Eye Charts:  Creative use of eye charts in merchandising. Fun eye charts and Eye Chart jokes.

Image Credit Unknown Via Pinterest Opticien Brackel , Eindhoven

Board #14 Eyewear Displays + Food: Another reusable item in displays is Food, Pumpkins in the Fall, Apples for Back To School, Candy and more. Food can be used all year round, which make this a yummy category.

Via Smena on Pinterest

Board #15 Eyewear Displays + Frames: You’ve been framed and what a great way to reuse picture frames and borders to highlight certain products.

Found on ouinonmaybe.wordpress.com

Board #16: Eyewear Displays + Hats: Have some old hats around? Try some of these looks in your displays.


Board #17: Eyewear Displays + Sports: Small and large displays that feature all types of sports, from Football to surfing to skateboards.

Holidays: The following boards are full of Holiday displays, decorations, eyewear, food, optical funs (jokes) and some recipes and eye health.

Board #18: Christmas: Window Displays, Santa and Reindeer optical jokes, elves, christmas themed eyewear and accessories, holiday themed ornaments and Hanukkah.


Board #19 Easter: Displays, with bunnies and pastels

image credit unknown

Board #20 Halloween: One of our top boards which include displays, eyeball treats, halloween eyewear (eyewear with bats, cats, costumes)  Includes appropriate Zombie and Optical Jokes.


Board #21: St. Patricks Day: All about the Green. St. Patrick Day infographics and displays.

Board #22: Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving eyewear, displays, turkey jokes and some thanksgiving themed eyewear. This category also includes Fall Winter displays.

Image Credit unknown

Board #23: Valentines Day: Displays, Eyewear, Valentine Day and dating optical funs. Valentine Day  make up and Nails.

Via Pinterest: Tamara Walker Robinson i Wear 2014 Valentine’s window display

Board #24: 4th of July: Window Displays, patriotic fashion, 4th of July optical fun, Eye health and firecrackers.

There you have it, hopefully a great resource for those who are looking for visually appealing displays and some fun for the holidays and seasons.

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