21 Mobil-Eyez EyeCare Professionals

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In our busy world today, it seems to be harder to get motivated to set an eye appointment. The hassle of parking and traffic, the cost of gas and the indecision of what to eyewear!  Just maybe -it is one of the many reasons that shopping online is becoming more popular. In order to compete today, eyecare professionals might want to think about is going directly to the consumer via mobile eye exams and sell eyewear.

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Online-Mobile Eye exams are not new! I knew mobile opticians 35 years ago. Plus about 10 years ago mobile eye exams and apps started to make an impact. At that time, hardly anyone had a Smart phone.. now there are over 50 online Eye Exams Apps. Some are by eye docs too!

Remember a few years back, when Warby Parker’s bus would park down the street from an eyecare business? The crowds and many eyecare professionals benefited from this gaining patients. More importantly it showed ECP’s the value of a mobile business.

Warby Parker Bus in San Francisco, Image Warby Parker

Interestingly and coincidently there is a new Facebook Forum called Mobile Optician United and Optometry Times just did a post on Mobile Optometry, what you need to know. It was good info.

Image MS Vehicles

As someone that has seen mobile ECP’s come and go, we pulled together a list of eyecare professionals who have mobilized their business. Some focus on nursing homes and assisted living, others focus on the safety business. Others are into the fashion aspect, some offer ‘home parties’ others do local outdoor events and pop ups, but whatever you do, mobile is the way to go and it’s a wide open market.

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If you think this is going to be easy…no way, you still have to stock product, have equipment and market yourself. Especially market yourself. What is interesting to me, is that when you google Mobile Optician the majority of them are in the UK. Why is that? Have they learned something that we don’t know?

21 Mobilized Eyecare Professionals

  1.  2020 OnSite  launched in Boston in 2014 ,this rolling bus has two ‘locations’ 
  2. 3D Vision USA (Austin, Texas) Mobile Optometry with Safety, OSHA and military certifications.

    3D Vision Optometry
  3. AXXess Eyewear bills himself as on Tour as a mobile optician out of Belmont, MA. Did go on Indiegogo to crowdsource his funding for getting the show on the road.
  4. Carters Opticians (Roswell, Georgia) 
  5. Carolina Mobile Optics (North Carolina)
  6. Crown Vision has mobile opticians
  7. David Goodman (Maryland)an optician started Mobile Eyewear Services to help seniors, disabled adults and nursing home residents.
  8. D and M Optical (Chicago Illinois) 
  9. Eyes on Site (Chandler, Arizona) Optometrists that have mobile service to nursing homes, long term care, and short term rehabilitation facilities throughout Arizona.
  10. EyeGo (Canada) Also offers a franchise opportunity .
  11. Eyes On The Road (Maryland) Mobile opticians.
  12. Mobile Eyecare (Dearborn, Michigan) Nursing homes
  13. Mobile Optician Huddersfield (UK )
  14. Mobile Vision Care (Dallas, Texas)
  15. Mobile Vision Optical (Bryam, Mississippi)
  16. Optical Academy (New Jersey and New York)
  17. Pupil Vision (Denver, Colorado) Offers free eye exams in Denver with a subscription service! The first that I have seen like this.  
  18. The Artful Eye Optical Emporium (East Hampstead, NH)
  19. United HealthCare offers mobile eye exam
  20. VSP Global has a mobile eye Clinic
  21. Winners Optical (NY) they are actually hiring mobile opticians. Optical shop that is starting a mobile business.

    Mobile Optician Huddersfield


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