20 Marketing Eye-Deas For Valentines Day

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It is a short time between New Years and Valentines Day.. so pull up your temples and start the process… you may be a Valentine

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eyeshadowgovernment.blogspot.com –

Grinch, but check some of the below numbers and why shouldn’t they be spending some of those billions of Dollars with eyecare professionals?

Eye Bogglers (Source)

  • $130.97 — The per person average estimated amount that people will spend on Valentine’s Day.
  • $18.6 billion — The total spending that will be reached by Valentine’s Day
  • $1.6 billion — The amount people will spend on candy.
  • $1.9 billion — The amount people will spend on flowers.
  • $4.4 billion — The amount people will spend on diamonds, gold and silver.
  • 40.7% — The percentage of people who will use their Smartphone to purchase Valentine’s gifts.
  • 6 million — The number of people who expect or are planning a marriage proposal.
  • 151 million — The approximate number of cards that are exchanged on Valentine’s Day.

10 Marketing Tips For Valentines Day

  1. Decorate, Decorate and Decorate some more. Consider doing little display; Valentines Day for  My Teacher, Valentines Day for my Aunt, Valentines Day for My Mom..
  2. Order in Red and Pink, Eyewear and  Accessories.
  3. Order and place Gift Cards predominately by Accessories and Sunwear.
  4. Consider having a Valentine Day Trunk Show before the event.
  5. Have an Eye Love My Patients Day.. be sure to email Happy  Valentines Day to all patients.

  6. Have staff wear Eye Heart Valentines Day T-shirts.. How cute would that be!
  7. Have Staff wear pink and red clothing and eyewear on Valentines Day.
  8. Offer Valentines Day cookies and or chocolate.
  9. Have a Valentine Day Raffle. Make up a Spa Package and have patients put names (and email) in big box. Announce winner on Valentines Day.
  10. Consider offering Free Valentines Day Gift with Eye Exam on Valentines Day.

10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Valentines Day

  1. Ask Married Couple to post on Facebook, their secret to a long marriage.
  2. Have a Valentine Day Trivia Contest on Facebook.
  3. Have an Eye Boggler contest- how may names can you get out of Valentine.. (minimum of 3 letters) Lent, Tine, live,
  4. Have patients share their favorite Valentine Day Story on Facebook. Or How we met story.
  5. Have patients post pictures of themselves in Heart Shaped Glasses. You can even carry them to make it easier.
  6. Question and Answer: What is your most romantic song? What is your most romantic evening? Where is your ideal place to celebrate Valentine Day
  7. Have patients post their favorite ‘Love’  tattoos on Facebook.
  8. Like ‘us’ on Facebook for a chance to win a Romantic Evening
  9. Other ideas here on on Valentines Day online around the World





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  1. Cathy, As usual, I agree with not only your ideas, but also your enthusiasm & your “social approach” to driving business through ideas in marketing. And I truly do wish that more of the Eye Care Professionals embraced what is available to them to grow their business-or what I call “Head Count “(how many customers or patients are on your “books”) Having said that…..I believe that one of the issues is that the Drs & Opticians are not being taught this in Optometric Schools. In fact, very little business, marketing or retail business related subjects are promoted in the Schools. It is not part of the “Basic Training” of Optometry. In fact, that should probably be the FIRST & most important part of retail optical. And having said that, I sense that some if not many Optometrists do not want to “Cross the Line” into retail…preferring more of a Medical approach in their practice & dispensary. I understand that & respect it as well. Regardless, many of the same principles & opportunities apply. The schools have only 1/2 prepared them for business…..they have prepared them to work for somebody & get a “job”. Not to open their own practice or business.
    By the time they have graduated, I would also think that they perceived that they have been prepared properly & don’t have the drive & energy now to go back to school & take business, marketing, or retail courses. The 2nd reason is the DNA of the persons that go into a medical field, are generally more conservative….and by the way-I’m glad that many people have that clinical or medical mindset….that’s the balance in life. They’ve saved my _ _ _ several times. But, generally a more serious personality that is usually more conservative in their approach to life…..and I think that many times we as sales people, reps & marketing people are asking the Optical community, Drs & Opticians to do things, like you are suggesting in your article, that are not part of their personality & DNA. And those who realize their strengths & their weaknesses, hopefully will have the vision to hire that person(s) that fill in those qualities, which will give them the balance required to compete in today’s consumer environment. Remember, the consumer “Has a store in their pocket” with today’s cell phones & iPads…..they use them religiously…….the Optical community needs to “Create a Reaction” from the consumer, instead of trying to create a transaction. The Reaction will Create the Transaction!! It”s the beginning of the year…no better time to start today with a new plan & approach to “Consumerism” & learning how to Monetize the Consumer. As a commission rep I want my clients to grow their businesses through ideas & savvy marketing. Unfortunately it’s not enough just to be good these days……..it’s also the experience that the consumer has in shopping with you & your staff. And, they will pay more to have a better experience.

  2. I know they get some business education in school and I think part of the problem is for many the business of eyecare is ‘boring’ , that is not what they went to school for and eyecare professionals want to think medically rather than retailly. The other issue is most states only allow 2-3 units of practice management education for COPE approval. They may know all about albinism, but will struggle to stay in business to treat that one patient.. It is a sad state of affairs.

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