17 Reasons To Stock Children’s Sunglasses

Hilco Kids Sunwear Display

We run this updated Kids Sunglass post every year about the importance of Kids Sunglasses.(for those who think, didn’t I read this before?) Why? Because many eyecare professionals forget about kids, maybe they do not see that many kids, limited board space, no ROI or do not see vendors that offer kids sunglasses, which is why so many of the kids sunglass companies have gone D2C. (Direct to Consumer)

Rons Optical

What is even more interesting at least to me is trying to find an optical shop that has a window or major display devoted to solely to kids sunglasses. Search it and if you can find an image, please email me the line. Back to School, lots of display, but NO one window just on Kids Sunglasses.

This is a really important category. First you are training adult parents the importance of eye health on their kids. Second you are training friends and relatives to purchase kids sunglasses from you to give to kids. Third, you are training- teaching kids and future customers the importance of eye health.

Hilco Vision, Baby Banz

Living on the beach, I rarely see kids wearing sunglasses or hats. While many kids are in and out of the water they could be wearing sun-protected goggles while playing in the sand. There are also plenty of kids walking down our boardwalk without sunglasses or hats.

Hilco Vision- Kids Sunwear Display

Sunglass reports say that only 30-44% of kids wear sunglasses, while 75% of adults wear suns. Why is that and how can an eyecare professional change those stats?

  1. The lens of the child’s eye transmits about 70% more UV than the adult eye, putting their retina at a larger risk.
  2. All Children after 6 months should be wearing sunglasses.
  3. Due to toxic elements in water and air, eyes need even more due diligence eye protection.
  4. Kids are subject to dry eye as much as adults. Wearing up to 100% UV protective sunglasses will help stave off dry eye.
  5. The cells of the lens of the eye are never replaced; the proteins of the lens are never replenished. The lens cannot repair itself; damage accumulates over a lifetime. (Source) Therefore, the earlier kids wear sunglasses, the less damage later on in life.
  6. Kids under 10 are at a higher risk for both skin and eye damage, because their skin and eyes are more fragile.
  7. Children are outdoors much more than adults, therefore is is likely that over 1/2 of their life exposure to the sun will occur within the first 20 years of their life.
  8. Very bright sunlight – reflected off sand, snow, water or the pavement – can cause immediate damage to the cornea,
  9. Kids look up more, which means they are constantly looking up into the sun.
  10. It is up to adults to train their kids on the damages sun can do. Like wearing seatbelts, not touching hot stoves… Children can be taught about sunglasses, but only if they have sunglasses.
  11. When childrens eyes gets sunburned, unless it is severe, they will not feel the pain as they do with the skin. The warning signs are
    not so obvious.
  12. The long-term effects of sunburned eyes are cumulative and not completely reversible. The cataract, pterygium and macular degeneration, melanomas of older age likely begin with childhood UV and blue light exposure.
  13. Hats only protect from above, not below, where reflected UV from water, sand or concrete can do a lot of damage.
  14. With ozone depletion occurring as much as 12% per year in certain parts of the world, our children are at greater risk of UV than we were growing up. We must protect our children’s eyes more than we protected our own.
  15. The variety of sunglasses for kids make them easy and comfortable to wear. Quality sunglasses and offer 100% UV and blue light protection.
  16. Sunglasses are cool.. and fun
  17. The Children’s Sunglasses business appears to be growing and new etail companies are opening up to capture this market. Companies such as Roshambi (29,000+ Likes) Babiators (42,176+Likes) Baby Banz (12,100+ Likes) are growing online and going for the Mommy biz.

Stocking Childrens Sunglasses 

Ficklet Eyeglass Charm Display from Ron’s Optical.
  • Kids should be allowed to choose their sunglasses, so they will wear them. Offer a good selection of fun, whimsical and colorful frame.
  • Offer a free eyeglass retainer so Mom will be rest assured her kids will not lose them. Stock fun ones so kids will have an options.
  • Offer a free Eyeglass Charm to encourage kids to wear.
  • Cite References from Prevent Blindness that  children’s sunglasses should block 99 to 100 percent of both types of untraviolet rays: UVA and UVB.
  • Make Impact resistant Polycarbonate Lenses an important option.
  • Merchandize with fun toys and summer games, kids would like. Use Lego, action figures, beach toys, beach towels to set the sunglasses apart.

Other Sunglass Products for Kids 

  • Babiators: Kids Sunglasses
  • Hilco offer youth sunglasses
  • Julbo:  kids sunglasses
  • Liberty Sport offers Rxable kids sport protective eyewear
  • Rons Optical Offers full line of kids Sunglasses
  • WileyX (Offers ANZI, Rxable sport protective eyewear.
  • Zoobug (UK) Kids sunglasses


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