17 e-tail Eyecare Entrepreneurs


At one time Selling online- or e-commerce was tantamount to being ostracized from eyecare professionals. One of the first big e-tail eyewear online, framesdirect.com was started by two optometrists back in the mid 1990’s. Over the years quite a few eyecare professionals have tried to get into the online game only to find out it is tough going then as well as now. Today surprisingly there are only a few that have pushed online sales.

That said for in honor for Small Business Saturday and Entrepeneur Day we put together a few eyecare professionals who are selling online

  1. BLEP Eyewear (Atlanta, GA) Dr. Parveen Jaglan OD is the developer of BLEP Eyewear. BLEP eyewear is Blue Light Protection Eyewear.
  2. David Kind Eyewear: (Venice, CA) Licensed optician, David Barton launched several years ago with try on at home model. He recently launched his own branded eyewear collection has a showroom and can wholesale product. 
  3. Dharma Eyewear: (Farmingdale, NY) Dhruv Jagasia, was raised in the eyewear industry and decided to bring in their own brand, which was launched in 2014. They also offer watches both optical and sunglasses for under $100.
  4. EyeCare Universe: This is one that is owned by one of the ‘largest eyecare practices’, yet they are too ashamed to say their name. 
  5. Extreme Glare Sunglasses (Elk Grove, CA) 
  6. Frames Direct: Started by two optometrist in 1996. One of the first online frame companies, one of the first blogs and one of the first try on technology.  Sold to Essilor in 2010.
  7. GlassesSpot (Brooklyn, NY) online seller of designer eyewear. Another one that claims to be founded by two doctors and yet again, they are too ashamed to say their names. 
  8. Karoo Eyewear (Atlanta, GA) Optical shop who has designed their own brand and can purchase online through their Karoo passport club. A complete pair of eyeglasses cost $149.00
  9. Jem Optical (FL) online retailer with laboratory. They promote made in USA, but it has to be the lenses.
  10. Margot and Camille (Philadelphia, PA) optical shop which you can shop online.
  11. Optical Underground (San Francisco) This is one of the oldest optical retailers in the United States. They bring their own brand and sell it online. Interesting is their concept or option of a JustGive card that takes $10 off the price. You then donate your $10 digital gift card to the cause of your choice.
  12. OptiWow (Florida) Pediatric Ophthalmologist office which not only brought in their own kids eyewear, you can also buy it online along with other kids frames. 
  13. See Saw Seen (San Francisco, CA) Eyeglass boutique online ‘Family-owned and founded by a licensed optometrist with more than 15 years of experience in the optical industry, we pride ourselves in offering quality checked and assured precision eyewear suitable for everyone – adults and children, women and men. We also take great care in meeting the safety, fit, and performance needs required particularly of children’s eyewear.’ 
  14. Solar Bat (Brazil, IN) one of the first online sunglasses by Dr. Gary Nesty.
  15. Gro Eyewear by Rims and Goggles (San Francisco, CA) This fairly new brand is sold online for up to $400.

    Gro Eyewear
  16. Vicious Vision Created by Wes Kamp and Dr. Jordan 
  17. 39 Dollar Eyeglasses (NY) They said they were developed by eye doctors, I am sure whether eye docs ‘consulted’ on this or it is owned by eye doctors. If owned by eye doctors they should own up to it and put their names in. 
Kala Mid Page