16 Ways To Get Rid Of Old Eyeglasses

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We had an email come in which asks us this pretty important question on how to get rid of old frames. Frames that have been discontinued, frames that have switched licenses, frames with no reps, companies that are no longer in business. I would hazard a guess that each office has at least 100 eyeglasses that they wish would go away.

Nothing is worse than having 100 frames sitting around like a bad dream. I would also say, probably the main reason they are still there is you stopped showing them.

The first thing I would do is mark them down and if possible put some type of incentive program on staff to show frames and reduce the stock. Marking down product is an excellent retail strategy.

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Frame Cost

$80.00       Cost per frame
x      2        Number of frames
$160.00    Total investment

Cost if You Return Frames

–  $16.00    Interest at 10% (cost of having inventory on board)
–   $ 2.50    Shipping
–   $ 10.00  Labor
–  $19.20    Restock fees
– $49.70     Total out of Pocket Money to return 2 frames

Cost to Mark Down Frames

$80.00    Cost per frame
x 2.5        Mark up
$200.00    Retail
x   2        Total Frames
$400.00    Total Retail Price

2 Frames @    50% mark down
$200.00     Price after mark down
– 160.00    Cost of Product
$40.00     Net Profit

Next Step: We recommend, you get a bunch of red dots and put a red dot on each ‘GO AWAY’ frames. Put them all in a section and:
  1. RED Dots Make for great frame and lens package programs.
  2. RED Dots make for great 2nd Pair Sales Promotions.
  3. RED Dots Make for Great Sunglass Promotions
  4. RED Dots make for GREAT Charitable Cause Related Marketing.: For every RED DOT Eyewear sold, a donation is made to a Vision Charity.
  5. RED Dots can be make Lens Specific: Run a Promotion on Computer Lenses or FREE Form Lenses  using RED DOT Eyewear .
  6. Use RED DOTS to run FaceBook Contests.
  7. Have A customer Appreciation Raffle! Raffle off one or two of those RED Dots to a lucky loyal customer.
  8. Use For “I WANT YOU BACK’ promotion. Give to any patient who hasn’t been back in to see you in two years.
  9. Have A Scavenger Hunt. Plant a FEW of Those RED DOTS around the ‘Hood” and post it on Facebook and Twitter.
  10. Take a picture of staff holding the frame around your city, whoever guesses the location, wins the frame. (you still get the lens sale) Post on Facebook, Blog and Twitter
  11. Have a Raffle: Put those items up for bid with proceeds to be donated to your favorite charity.
  12. Have a Lady Gaga Party and Update and Decorate into fun Hipster Eyewear
  13. Donate eyewear and take the tax write off.
  14. Put in Bright Mirror Tints for sunglasses and use as mirror coating examples
  15. List on various forums and try to resell: Vision Systems has a full on Optical Trade Zone, in which not only you can list all products you would like to resell. (equipment, consumables, lenses and eyewear)
  16. Reuse frames and make things like eyeglass picture frames , eyeglass necklaces, eyeglass art , even eyeglass dresses and brooches

Bottom line, put the old product in a predominate place in the dispensary, show them first to everyone and you may not get rid of all the frames, but by focussing on the product(s) you should move them. If not try any of the ideas listed above.

Today’s post is sponsored by Vision-Ease Lens one of the first ‘eco-friendly lens manufacturers in the USA

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