11 Red Frames For Valentine’s Day

William Morris By Classique Eyewear

Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, an international day of love. Did you know that the color Red is associated with passion, energy, love and war. Wearing red increases metabolism (good for dieting) will increase respiration rate (passion) and will raise blood pressure (might be good for some). I wonder if that is why Sally Jesse Raphael was known for her red eyewear?

Whatever you are looking for on Valentines Day.. consider red sunglasses, might get a little mojo going

William Morris By Classique Eyewear
Aspire by Clearvision
neubau Eyewear by Silhouette
Crocs Style JR7016 by AA Optical
Oko by Oko
La Marca Eyewear
Thierry Lasry
Nathalie Fordeyn
Gamine Eyewear
Temples And Bridges
Claire Goldsmith MidPage