11 Delightful D-eye-Y Eyeglass Holders


Last May, we did a post on 8 Cool Eyeglass Racks.. and we found more! For all of us eyewear hoarders, the biggest problem we have is how to store our glasses and for some of our favorites, how to display them as attractively, so others can appreciate. We found some great DIY (Do It Yourself) eyeglass racks that you can use at home or the office.  I just thought about how fun some of these would be in ‘dead’ space such as hallways, pre-testing rooms, even exam rooms. A great way to show case your products in a unique way.

1.) Eyeglass holder Reusing Bamboo blinds. They are using jewelry, but you can do the same with eyeglasses. Paint the blinds an attractive color and put up all sorts of accessories, including scarves and jewelry. You can find these blinds easily on give away sites or at Home Improvement Stores. Cost is next to nothing.

2.) Reuse a Spoon Holder into an eyeglass holder. This one I have to do.. You can find spoon holders in thrift stores and online at giving aways sites. (madiganmade.blogspot.com)



3.) Eyewear Rack- This is for sale,  but you can make something like this yourself.. Handy  rack beside any door.


4.) Eyewear Rack called  The Butler, also for sale, but I like the concept


5.) Old suitcases are very easy to find and multiple uses. This Eyewear Suitcase can be reused as a great display idea and a way to store your eyewear. For ideas on how to reuse old Suitcases check out Green Eco Services


6.) Eyewear in a Picture Frame. We did this before, in this reuse scraps of fabric make a little more of a statement item. You can do the same thing with both picture frames or old window frames. Good idea for home or office. Showcase your new arrivals, do a sale board.. Paint any color and use coordinating fabric strips.

7.) Reuse Picture Frame again. This time the background is wire mesh and you can reuse any type of wiring. Note the little purse that is hung up.. good accessorizing touch.Source Bonocle

8.) Re-use a Tennis Racket. Old Tennis rackets can be found anywhere for little or no money. You can hang them to display eyewear, glue them down as a separate item. What a great way to showcase Sports Eyewear.

9.) Wood Hangers. Previously we showcased just a plain wood hanger with eyewear on it. I really like this concept, Take a wood hanger (paint colors) and screw in round holders and hang up accessories including eyewear. So easy and unique.


10.) I can’t believe I didn’t mention this before. My mother has been using her veggie/fruit Hanger like this for years to hang her eyewear. Fun idea,  can use as a window display, hand by the reception desk, fill with eye-cessorizing goodies such as cases, cleaners. (Bonocle)


11.) A Knitty-Gritty Glasses Display- Another idea that could be fun to make up. Using a backing such a cardboard, thread yarn, ropes (nautical theme) and hang eyewear. Millions of knitters have yarn (always re-usable), cardboard (free).. I could see a small series of these throughout the year.

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