10 Ways To Compete Against Amazon


So much screaming against online retailers and companies such as Warby Parker, but never once has anyone screamed about the biggest elephant in the room Amazon. While Amazon cannot give an exam you can buy eyeglasses, sunglasses, readers and accessories all on Amazon for a good price. It is easy to do as over 171 Million people log into Amazon everyday and why not pick up a pair of sunglass while they are at it.

With Amazon testing Drone Delivery in Britain, it can only become more competitive.

Prime Air — a future delivery system from Amazon designed to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using small unmanned aerial vehicles, also called drones.

Eye Bogglers

  • 54 Million Amazon Prime Users (as of 1/2016)
  • 105 Billion Total Sales  (2015)
  • 304 Active Users Worldwide (2015)
  • 20% Growth Rate yearly

Least you think people are only buying books and electronics from Amazon:

  • 2015- Amazone launches Handmade at Amazon, to compete against Etsy.
  • 2016- Amazon launches Style Code Live to beef up selling fashion apparel.
  • Amazon is starting to launch private label fashion brands.

What can you do?

1.) Know your customer better; Track and Track some more, demographics, age, sex, interests all add into the getting to know you part in which you can buy product and offer services that is geared toward the consumer.

2.) Market Effectively; Everybody has sales (Yawn) Have a few special events such a themed trunk shows, laughing yoga parties, donations, product launches, Focus on what serves your customer needs rather than yours. Make the store a destination experience.

3.) Beef up the customer service: You think yours is excellent but it can always be better. What more can you do to engage your customers? What policies do you have that are not customer-centric? Are the employees empowered to make customer service decisions. What does your competition do that delights the consumer?

4.) Buy Smart; Your frame boards are up to 80% of your income. Every frame should be managed for sell-through and based upon a track record. Buy smart and manage the turns. You will have less dead stock and more money.

5.) Train Staff– Your staff may be all certified opticians, but can they correctly do billing, answer phones, do contact lenses.

6.) Merchandise Effectively; Visual merchandising has several functions, used effectively it can cut down on your total SKU’s, but most importantly enticing displays sell the product. Re-merchandise on a consistent basis, moving around and re-displaying slower movers. When merchandising eyewear, tell the story of the brand.. give them the same information they can get online.

7.) Track sales and manage the finances: Data rules in managing a business. Data tells you which staff are pulling their weight, data tells you if you can pay your bills, data tells you what is profitable in your business. Track and manage your finances on a daily basis. If you are employing an open book management platform with your employees, have the data available to them on a weekly basis

8.) Take advantage of the fact you have a Brick and Mortar location. People are welcomed at your store, they can try on the merchandise, they can get expert opinions (not online chats) Use your store as an advantage not a disadvantage. People still want live experiences.

9.) Build A Personality for your Brand: make it fun, make it interesting, make it informative, make it unusual, make it so people want to come see you.

10.) Make Buying Local Important in the merchandising

Facebook- Buy Local

Is not just Amazon that is your competition, most retailers have gone to a buy online format as well. The above tips should be refined over and over in the planning of today and tomorrow.










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