10 Keys to Building a Personal Trade


You probably have patientsthat only want to talk to you, you may have lost an optician that had personal trade. (That hurts) Some staff members may already building their own ‘book’ of clients. Personal trade is similiar personal shopping in which you become the expert in a customers wants and needs and provide an extra high level of service to that person. In lawyer talk it’s called a Rainmaker.

In order to get that ‘client book’ going take a proactive stance and ask the right questions of your customers and listen to what they have to say  Start with lifestyle questions, habits, colors, wardrobe needs. The more you know about them, the easier it will be be to assist them. For instance, Sue Smith has been looking for a cat-eye red sunglass. She may not want it now.. but asks if you see one, will you let her know. You can either order in a bunch (expensive) or you can call her when the rep is in or the efficient way is to order when you see the rep and call when they come it.

1.) Follow up with their requests and not forgetting to call. You should be able to easily do this by your software, if not you can set up a spreadsheet.

2.) Target fashioneyestas, is when you get an order in, is to call- email them with what you just got in with pictures.  ‘

  • Hi Susie, I know you were looking for some red frames and we just got in a bunch of new red frames.’
  • ‘Hi Joan, you had mentioned you wanted really larger sunglasses and we just got in new sunglasses from ABC company, that just might work for you.’
  • ‘Hi Steve, you had mentioned your wife thought your eyeglasses were boring, we just got NMO company in, which I think both you and your wife will love. Can you both come by and take a look? ‘

3.) Send thank you notes for coming in.

4.) Make follow up phone calls to ask how many compliments they got.

5.) Send holiday cards, birthday cards

6.) Let them know when one of their favorite companies is coming in to set up a private trunk show.

7.) Set up a ‘separate’ Facebook’ for your eyewear fanatics.

8.) If they are currently working with a personal shopper, they might let you connect with them.

9.) Keep on file of their likes, dislikes, favorite colors, hobbies and other personal information.

10.) Send Personal newsletters on the latest trends, what companies are coming in, any events you might have. You can do this on a quarterly basis. If youy are going to Vision Expo, ask them what they want you to be on the lookout for.. That is what successful retailers do, act as personal shoppers.


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