Marketing For National Craft Month


March is National Craft Month and their are tons of ways that eyecare professionals can engage their patients with some Opti-Fun! Crafters are propagating especially due to sites like Pinterest.

This March we are going to showcase DIY Optical Crafts that can be a lot fun for both you and your patients.

  • Run a Craft Contest, have them submit their favorite eyewear crafts on your Facebook page.
  • Consider having a crafts board.. right use some of that valuable real estate to have your patient displays their optical crafts. Take pics, and vote.
  • Have a Crafting Party or a special meet up for knitters and artists.
  • Put pipe Cleaners in the reception room and have kids display the Pipe Cleaner Glasses.

In case you are like me, an non Creative Genius, we are providing you with some DIY Sunglass examples for redecorating your eyewear for a new look.

I bet you have been lusting over Alexander Wangs fur temples seen on the runway in 2011. Or perhaps you want to celebrate National Ear Muff Day. Not to worry, Home Improvement Blogspot  has a step by step manual on how to make them yourself.

Home Improvement Blogspot
Home Improvement Blogspot

Maybe is is not your thing to look like Yeti?  The Cottage Market  adds in paint and pearls to adorn their sunglasses.

DIY-Sunglasses 8-

Glue can fix up anything. Add in beadwork and voila, you are ready for a Boho Look.

We are loving this whimsical and playful sunglass look. This is not just for kids either!


We don’t understand the Hello Kitty fanatics, but there you are. Add a few whiskers and a bow and Meow.. .Hello Kitty Sunglasses.

DIY Eyeglasses 9

Flowers seem to be a common theme in eyewear decoration. But I love the butterflies.

For more DIY Eye-deas check out our Group Pinterest Board D-eye-Y. 

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